5 Reasons To Be Grateful For The Loud And Outrageous Leo In Your Life

Liubov Burakova

A little bit of disclaimer: I am not a zodiac freak, nor I believe you can put several billion people in the planet in 12 drawers (read: horoscope signs).

Nevertheless, there have definitely been times when I was left speechless about the fact that general characteristics about all of us, according to horoscopes, really are true.

We all coexist and interact with impulsive, impatient, adventurous Aries, or play games with witty, lively, inconsistent Geminis. We are loved by emotional, protective, moody Cancers, or sometimes bored by meticulous, analytical and overcritical Virgos. What about Scorpios? You must have been seduced at least once in your life by these magnetic yet compulsive casa novas.

But all of the other signs are merely peanuts when it comes to the big boss of the zodiac: Leos.

You will hear many times how these kind of people simply take over. Whether they take over space, time or the stage, it's in their blood. And what's worse, they're good at it.

Leos are known as leaders; they are energetic, passionate and loving, but they do have a lot of flaws. Nevertheless, if you have at least one Leo in your life, let me remind you why they are probably there for a reason.

They are the most loyal friends you will ever have.

If a Leo loves you, trust me, you will feel it. If they appreciate you as a friend, they will be your true-hearted support. Even if you don't deserve it. If a Leo decides you are in his or hers „herd“they will stand by you no matter what. I witnessed this kind of scenes so many times when they defend the ones they love even when they are wrong.

If you paint a house and ask a Leo's help and they are stuffed with work, if they promised they will come – they will forget about the piles of paperwork on the desk, turn into a handyman in a second and ring your door before you prepare the paintbrushes.

Lovers you don't forget.

If you have a Leo as a girlfriend/boyfriend you have to know two things: they crave attention, and they give it unselfishly. You will feel like the most beautiful and desirable person in the world around your Leo.

Why? They always think their choices are the best, and they chose you. It will take time for you to pass all their secret tests, but when you do and when they let go of their guard, they will be proud to have you. They will then begin to show their affection in many different, often creative, ways.

Try not to ever let it annoy you. Trust me, if they stop with all the cuddling, kissing and hand holding, you will miss it. Common, let's be honest: Who doesn't like to be treated like a queen?

If you're not sure how to make your Leo happy and you ran out of ideas, just book a quick weekend anywhere outside the city. Their logic is simple: I'm the queen, you are the king, and we will treat each other as such.

They hate routine; they will make house cleaning fun.

Life is always about fun with a Leo. They can't stand routine, and they avoid anything that is expected or ordinary. So by having them around, you will never be bored. If you just listen to their stories, you will figure out there is no big difference in going to the supermarket and 10 days vacation on Aruba; they will make a story to remember out of both.

However, this doesn't mean they lie. Leos just know how to make things more interesting wherever they are. A lot of people don't understand why people born in this constellation attract so many adventures, but it's simple; Leos glow wherever they are.

It's an expression I heard once, and I completely agree. If you glow, your energy attracts new people and things in life.

Leos are brutally honest.

As much as this fact can be bad, take it as a great advantage. You will always know where you stand with them. Don't be offended if they tell you your new dress is a bullsh*t, or you look like a nerd with a new hair style. They don't think too much before saying things out loud, but they don't mean to harm you. Being impulsive is second nature to a Leo.

Take it this way: Their honesty is sometimes so intense, it's comical. Instead of being moody after they treat you with the wrong adjective, just laugh.

They see life in a unique way.

No one can lift you up better than a Leo if you are in the bad stage. They radiate energy, strength, love and optimism. One of their main mottos is: Life has no replay, and they act according to that.

By living what they believe in, they tend to become the best in what they do. Their energy is contagious, and their optimism helps when you are feeling down. Yes, they are sometimes egocentric and self-obsessive, but Leos are true characters. And that's why we love them.