How Good You Are With Money, As Told By Your Zodiac Sign

by Emily Anne
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Let's be honest, money management is a major skill. It's definitely not glamorous; it's tedious, boring, and sometimes, it's a downer. Some people seem to naturally possess the discipline/talent to handle money responsibly, while others just can't seem to figure it out. With obstacles like rising costs of loans, credit card debt, and now online shopping, managing money can be quite the challenge. But we've come up with your ultimate money horoscope that reveals how you handle finances, according to your sign.

Pew Research has found that student debt is at an all time high, but Millennials are still positive about our economic future, leaving us with a shaky, but ultimately positive outlook for the future generation. But what that really means is, we have to get our sh*t together, and we should probably do it sooner rather than later. Luckily, in this scary, expensive world, we have astrology. Some Zodiac signs are traditionally more blessed in this area of life, while others... might just want to hire an accountant. Looking to the stars can illuminate the natural blessings, or shortcomings, your sign possesses.

Aries: Short-Term Spender

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Aries, being the first sign, enjoys buying things competitively or before anyone else. This can lead to irresponsible, spontaneous spending if not checked by some earthy energy. The saving grace for Aries is that because they are "self" oriented (They are number one, after all.), their safety and security is always on their mind. Aries probably isn't going to put themselves in REAL financial danger; they just wanted that totally pointless but limited edition item NOW!

Taurus: Please Do My Taxes!


Being security focused, Taurus is responsible and good with money 95 percent of the time. The issue comes when Taurus sees something NICE they want to buy.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure and beauty, so Taureans have a weak spot for nice things. A balanced Taurus will save up to buy high-quality, name-brand items (or, ahem, high quality foods), and still have enough left over to comfortably pay the bills.

Gemini: Flexible Finances

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Gemini can really go either way with finances. Gemini is symbolized by the twins, so duality is always a factor with them. One day they can be a responsible adult, the next day they're like a kid in a candy store. Being an air sign, Gemini may have a mind for money.

Being flexible is their strong-suit, so if they can't get their own money, beware them sweet-talking (swindling) money out of someone else.

Cancer: Penny Pincher

Cancer is arguably the best sign with money. They value comfort and their idea of "home" above all, so they see money as their tool to achieve security. Because they take it so seriously, Cancer almost always is employed and usually has a stash of emergency money. Traditionally symbolized by the crab, Cancer can be a little stingy or crabby with money, but if you're in their family, you'll be so thankful for their sharp mind.

Leo: How Do I Say This…

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Put the wallet, DOWN! You don't need another pair of shoes, that new skin product, etc. Leos are so generous and will buy gifts for anyone they care about, and will “treat themselves” into the red.

Like their ruling planet, the sun, they are warm and giving, sometimes to a fault. Leos may spend money to get some sort of momentary satisfaction, this includes gambling or random risk taking. The good news is, Leo is determined and hard-working, so they aren't afraid of putting in WORK to make money. Their big heart just has so much love to give!

Virgo: The Calculator


Like anything they put their minds to, Virgos are great with finances. Virgos are the planners of the zodiac; they love detailed calendars, lists, and budgets. They are rational above all, and won't let their fleeting desires lead their wallet.

Virgo is an earth sign, which means the material, physical world is their playground -- even though from the outside it doesn't look very fun. Virgo, you work hard and deserve to have fun! But I'm sure you've scheduled it for next week.

Libra: Balance Is Key


Libra is the only sign in the zodiac represented by an inanimate object: the scales. Librans, as long as they remember to balance, are usually good with money. They are social, diplomatic, and smooth, usually leading to luck with employers.

Like Taurus, they are ruled by the aesthetic planet Venus. Beware of over-spending on fashion, art, etc. because Libra is other-oriented, they often work better with someone else, or need someone else to put their foot down when it comes to free-wheeling spending.

Scorpio: Extremes

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Scorpio rules extremes: love and hate, secrets, sex, and funnily enough, death and taxes. Their finances may experience ups and downs, but due to their fixed nature (fixed meaning stationary, stubborn, motionless), they NEED security and usually achieve it.

Scorpios may have odd jobs, may inherit money from a dead relative, get a big tax return, may have a secret job, WHO KNOWS? -- but they get their money somehow. Just don't ask too many questions!

Sagittarius: The Spiritual Millionaire

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Sagittarius' bank account could see a wide range of numbers, but due to their innate luck, they'll usually come out with money to spare. Sagittarius can spend all their money (maybe on a concert, faraway travels, or on education) with the belief that it'll come back around to them.

Being the lucky ones they are, IT DOES! Their optimism acts like the Law of Attraction, so even if they don't get their money back, Sagittarius considers every new experience as valuable, which means they'll never feel poor.

Capricorn: The Wolves Of Wall Street

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Surprise! Our third and final earth sign of the zodiac is also great with money. Capricorn is dutiful, responsible, and enterprising; they're great at taking $5 and turning it into $50. Capricorn is associated with career, structures, and public image, so the business world is THEIR world.  They have a mind for money, they just need to remember that their loved ones can't cuddle money.

Aquarius: Wildcard!

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Ruled by Uranus, the off-kilter planet, it's hard to nail down the misunderstood Aquarius. They can handle money in an odd way, and you might find them buying unique items, sharing money with friends, or giving away their money. After all, the Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac.

They value originality, technology, and love, while looking to the future for inspiration. Aquarius is most likely to have a flash of insight for a stock investment, an idea for an invention, etc. Just be sure this month's bills are paid!

Pisces: Money Can't Buy Happiness

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Oh, Pisces. Your spending habits may be ever-changing, messy, and a little wacky. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which represents dreams, illusions (delusions), fantasies, and more intangible stuff.

They don't “do” boundaries and usually don't care about material things, so budgets and bank accounts aren't their forte. Pisces may struggle with making/meeting financial goals or building up their savings. They usually find creative ways to make money and always find creative ways to spend it.