The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Being Best Friends With Your Siblings

by Gigi Engle

Being close with your siblings is a really phenomenal thing. Your siblings are basically the most wonderful gifts your parents have ever provided. They gave you best friends from the very start.

Your brothers and sisters have always been -- and will always be -- there for you.

You always have someone to talk to, someone to complain to and someone to take care of you when you’re down. Sibling love is absolutely unconditional.

If you’re best friends with your siblings, thank your lucky stars. That is truly a fabulous thing. No one will ever be closer to you than a brother or sister.

While being besties with the sibs is great and everything, it -- like all things in life -- has its ups and downs.

There are good and bad things about having your brothers and sisters always by your side. And then there are the things that get filthy and ugly AF.

I mean, you're best friends with your sisters and brothers! What could go wrong? (LOL.)

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of being best friends with your siblings.

You’re never alone.

The good: You always have someone to talk to. Day or night, one of your siblings will always answer the phone when you need.

The bad: You never have your own space. Your siblings will always be on top of you, micromanaging and mediating every detail of your personal life.

The ugly: It's smothering, and sometimes you just can’t help but lash out at the ones you love. Being so closely followed never gives you the chance to really analyze your problems without help.

Your siblings will always be there to guide you.

The good: They will always look out for you. No matter what happens, you know that your siblings have your back. You’re like a little band of gangsters. People do not mess with you.

The bad: They will be overprotective. It’s hard to branch out and let yourself make mistakes with your siblings behind you the whole time. Sometimes they can be more like parents than brothers and sisters.

The ugly: They can stifle your need to be independent. Codependence is a real thing. Your siblings can stunt your ability to learn valuable life lessons just by acting as buffers to the world.

They have everything in common with you.

The good: When you have friend problems, you also have the perspective of someone older or younger. Your siblings have been there before, and they also think like you. The important thing is that they aren't you, and they can still offer fresh advice.

The bad: They hang out with your friends, and things get weird. Having the same friends can get tricky. You end up always having to take your siblings' side even when they're wrong. This can alienate you from your friends.

The ugly: You become more than just blood siblings; you become Eskimo siblings. (Insert monkey-covering-eyes emoji.)

You share everything.

The good: You have a WAY bigger closet than your friends with smaller families do.

The bad: You can never find ANYTHING that belongs to you. The anxiety is so real. I haven’t seen my Hollister sweatshirt since 2005.

The ugly: Your sisters and brothers will RUIN some of your favorite things. Or they'll just claim them as their own, and you never see them again. Half of the money you invest in your wardrobe gets entirely wasted.

You know everything about each other.

The good: They give you the best advice. They know you better than anyone else and can always lead you in the right direction.

The bad: They ALWAYS call you on your sh*t. There is nothing worse.

The ugly: They give you their unsolicited, uncensored and often offensive opinions on every detail of your personal life. The judgment is so real. A sibling will never sugarcoat anything for you.

You always know the family drama.

The good: You’re never out of the loop.

The bad: You’re never out of the loop.

The ugly: Most of the time, you are the family drama.

You have so many memories.

The good: You have the best stories and a million inside jokes. You’ll never be bored and can stay up all night talking.

The bad: You remember the most embarrassing stories. You can never hide. Siblings remember every single, awful detail.

The ugly: Your siblings often tell horrifyingly awkward stories in front of your friends and romantic interests. You’re already dreading what you’re sure will be a truly TRAGIC wedding toast.

Blood is thicker than anything else.

The good: You have friendships that you know will last forever. Sibling love is a forever love. No matter the fight, you’ll always survive.

The bad: You have trouble making other friends. Many relationships and friendships can end simply because a sibling doesn’t like the person you’re spending time with.

The ugly: Your friendships almost always end, because it's painfully difficult to care about anyone who is not a family member. Those friendships simply do not hold the same weight, so you fail to give them the care they need.

You can say anything, anytime.

The good: You will instantly forget any fight with your sibling after you make up. It’s like you have amnesia.

The bad: You fight all the time -- because you can.

The ugly: Your siblings have the power to say some of the most hurtful and horrible things to you. They have all the material, and they know exactly what will completely destroy you.

At the end of the day, there will always be good, bad and ugly things about the best friendships you have with your siblings. But the GOOD will always outweigh the bad and the ugly. You’re family, and that’s just how it works.