Why Generous People End Up Getting The Most Out Of Life

by Gigi Engle

This generation simply doesn't give enough credit to truly generous people and they deserve a massive shout-out.

It's become so commonplace for people to do things for personal gain. Favors are expected in exchange with a favor in return.

As playwright, author and poet Oscar Wilde famously said, “People these days know the price of everything and a value of nothing.”

Selfless charity has been neglected and it is time to change that.

Pure generosity is so rare that it can't be helped to take these actions without a grain of salt. When did it stop being cool to believe in good people?

Listen up. Those of us who give freely will ultimately be the most fulfilled. The most charitable people are the healthiest and the happiest.

People who truly expect nothing in return for their kindness will find the most value in life. Because they give so much love, they never feel starved for it. For them, love is an ever-filling pail. "The more they give, the more they get," as the saying goes.

It is the generous people of this world who end up having the most of everything.

Giving actually gives you real pleasure.

Too many people in this world are focused on protecting what’s theirs. They grow anxious at the prospect of giving things away for free.

The generous individual finds no pain, only pleasure, in giving. A study in Psychology Today found that charitable donations can relieve stress, and that "those who spent money on charity rated happier than those who spent the money on a personal expense."

Sharing your good fortune will genuinely make you happier.

You have healthier, longer-lasting relationships.

People will always be drawn to the generous, giving person. They breed attraction because they are so warm and inviting. Those who give the most actually end up getting the most of the one thing we all crave: love.

According to The Atlantic, kindness and generosity are key to lasting and successful relationships.

It's far better to be rich in friendship than rich in money, and true friendship comes from generosity.

You live in the moment.

Being in the moment is how you get the most out of all of life's amazing experiences. When you are busy helping others, you don’t get too concerned with the future. You are a child of the present. You don’t feel the need to pinch your pennies out of anxiety. People in need are in need now.

You give freely of yourself. You forget worry because you have genuine faith in humanity and in the kindness of others. You know that there are awesome people in the world because you've seen them. You relieve stress by helping others.

You don’t feel troubled by uncertainty; you know the path is straight for the loyal and strong of heart.

When you help others, they help you.

No one forgets being given a favor without any pressure to return it. According to a University of Michigan study, the giver ultimately receives more benefit from this interaction than the recipient. You literally will be happier when you start being charitable. It's a little counterintuitive, but it totally works.

When you are someone known for being generous, others will respond in kind. They want to feel that same glowing happiness because it is so insanely awesome!

Though you don't perform favors with any expectation, you "get what you give" because people respect you. They want to show you the same respect and affection you've always shown them.

Generosity translates to longevity.

Even though you may not "have it all" in the short term, you will have long-term success. Selfishness produces cheap, lame results; generosity prevails. According to the Review Journal, it can even add years to your life.

Those who give freely understand that they will suffer some financial setbacks compared to their "hoarder" friends. But the friends they make -- and the love that results -- can't be quantified.

Good deeds will not go unnoticed for very long. The generous person can look forward to a long and happy life.