It Will All Be Okay: 5 Things This Generation Needs To Stop Overthinking

by Katie Wilhelm

Gen-Yers, have been told we have terrible social skills.

We know we’re not very in touch with the world around us.

We've been told we are technologically-driven robots who can’t lift our eyes off of the screen long enough to see what color eyes someone has.

We know we’re certainly vastly different from previous generations.

But something we are experts at is overthinking. With the growth of absurdly advanced technology, we have the ability to miscommunicate, reread and screenshot our way into driving ourselves mad.

Text messages, social media posts and even Snapchats never go away forever. This makes it easy for us to overanalyze the sh*t out of situations.

Technology is the catalyst. Our little screens allow us to view other people’s lives through a rose-colored lenses.

Everyone’s life looks more appealing via pictures because that’s the point of filters (I’m looking at you, Valencia.)

As we view other people’s lives via technology, we inevitably compare ourselves in every way possible, forcing us to overthink ourselves into the bottom of a bottle of Svedka.

Here are the five things you are most definitely overthinking:

1. Your Relationship Status.

While you’ve been hooking up with this guy (who may or may not be starting to lose interest), your Instagram feed is overflowing with baby pictures and engagement rings.

Now you’re planning your life solo, thinking about purchasing those pink throw pillows you saw at Pier 1 because who cares?

You’re going to be living alone for the rest of your life anyway.

People find strange ways of entering your life, especially romantic interests. Mr. Right is on his way. He could be at the coffee shop, he could be your best friend — hell, he could even be on Tinder. Either way, he will show up.

You are not destined to a life of loneliness because your acquaintances from high school are settling down already.

Also, their picture-perfect lives are positively only perfect via Instagram.

2. Your Work Situation.

Maybe you’re still in college and you’ve just realized you majored in the completely wrong subject.

Or maybe, you have your first real office job, and you feel your soul deteriorating with every moment that passes by in your painfully-white cubicle.

Now you’re thinking you utterly ruined your future, and your parents are going to kill you because they just spent their life savings on your proper education.

It was all for nothing because you hate your classes, or you’re miserable at the job you got after your diploma.

Either way, you have time. College majors are just stepping-stones; they do not completely define your future.

In fact, if you find you want to go in a completely different direction than what you planned for, look for ways to incorporate certain aspects of your major into the new field you’re trying out.

Do community service, or volunteer your time in different clubs and other outside activities. Well-rounded people are the ones who end up with jobs.

And, if you hate your job, look for a new one. Find something that inspires you and quenches your ambition in a creative way.

Finances can be tricky, but a fulfilling career is worth way more than a soul-draining job that pays really well.

3. Your Desire To Stay In.

This is a huge one.

All of your friends are begging you to come out with them, but you have this one friend who’s on the fence about it.

On one hand, you want to see if that really hot guy is at the bar tonight, but on the other hand, you feel bloated, moody, exhausted and kind of want to just stay home with that one friend, a bottle of wine and a pizza.

If you go out, you're doing it to please everyone but yourself. If you don’t, you’ll seem like no fun at all. Your heart and your head are in two different places.

If you skip out on one night at the bar, chances are, you won't miss anything monumental. If you feel like your body needs a rest, listen to it. Don’t overthink what people will think about you.

One night out or in does not define anyone’s perception of you.

4. Your Texts.

The screenshot is a dangerous invention. We have all been guilty of sending a screenshot conversation to someone in hopes that he or she will share in the disgust, delight or humor.

Text messages are practically never safe from the eyes of people who were not supposed to see them.

So, while it is important to monitor what you say to some degree, it is not so important to use just the right amount of punctuation or choose the perfect smiley face. T

exting pales in comparison to real-life conversation, so don’t give yourself away completely via text.

Save your best self for when it really counts. Picking the perfect emoji is so insignificant at the end of the day. No one will remember you used the sun emoji when you said you were going to the beach.

It can be fun, but if you’re overanalyzing your choices to the point of exhaustion and getting your friends involved, it isn't healthy.

5. Your Future.

It may seem like everything is going wrong in your life. You could be single, jobless and living in your childhood room next to your parents, but that does not mean you are doomed for life.

Everyone falls down when they are entering the real world.

It can be terrifying to think everyone is secure in their lives while you’re crying into a bowl of Cup Noodles. Have some faith in yourself.

If you overthink your future, you will turn your life into something it is not: hopeless. People turn their lives around at all ages.

Look at Caitlyn Jenner; she turned her life to reflect how she wanted at 65 years old, and she’s finally happy.

You will be fine whatever you decide to do. Life works out in mysterious, unexplainable ways.

Your life will go in the direction it is supposed to. Trust that you will be taken care of, and don’t overthink the things you cannot control.