10 Reasons Your Gemini Friend Is The Craziest Buddy You'll Ever Have

by Tahyira Savanna

Geminis are born between May 21 and June 20.

Some might consider them two-faced, others might consider their enthusiasm and compassion a breath of fresh air.

Needless to say, if you have a friendship with a Gemini, you are in for the craziest ride of your life.

Here's why:

1. You'll never have to ask for a compliment or critique again.

Geminis love style and grace, and if they are your true friends, they will not hold back one bit.

2. They make minor situations into major situations.

This is where Dr. Jekyll meets Mr. Hyde. They can go from this normal, calm person to an enraged animal faster than anyone else.

Then, they coolly return to their original states. If you are close to them, your defenses have to be up to par.

3. They'll love you and hate you at the same time with the same vengeance.

They are very versatile people and they are moody. They do not stand for anything they think to be a matter of principle.

You will eventually get caught in the midst of these emotions, but if they are your real friends, they'll know how to blow things over.

They'd probably randomly text you a dinner invitation as if nothing ever happened.

4. They have their own personal concept of time.

They will probably choose to meet you there because they have not fully decided on their arrival times.

They have this “the party doesn't start 'til I'm there” mentality, and they love to make an entrance.

5. What is normal to everyone else is probably viewed as crazy to your Gemini pal, and vice versa.

They stand out in the crowd. You can probably spot their bright hair colors or funky do's a mile away.

They are the friend to take shopping because on top of them having great style, they need everyone around them to be just as fly. Cue the Kanye song: “Ain't nobody fresher than my clique.”

Cue the Kanye song: “Ain't nobody fresher than my clique.”

6. They will never take full responsibility for their actions; they will only take part of the responsibility.

Those who are born under this star sign are pros at rationalizing and diverting blame.

They are not cool with being the bad guy, although they can see where they were wrong.

However, they will never think they were fully wrong.

7. They love themselves more than they love you.

It's no shade to anyone personally; Geminis are just self-involved, but not selfish.

They will never be more concerned for someone else over themselves. You either like it or leave it.

8. They are very comfortable in an "alone space."

It's not that they do not want to stay your bestie or that they are not interested in how your date went; you will just need to catch them at the appropriate time and they are all ears.

They value “me” time, and you can learn a thing or two from them about how to spend time alone.

It is very much needed, and many of us struggle with that.

9. They have a false sense of leadership.

They think that them telling you something they heard from someone else gives them some type of authority in your life.

Sometimes, they need their heads deflated to prolong your friendship, and that's okay, too.

They like to be the trendsetters, but they are too caught up in the moment to stay creative.

Therefore, they will keep creative people around them at all times.

10. They are overly compassionate.

They spend a lot of time trying to see both sides of the coin — and they usually can.

This, in turn, helps them understand many different perspectives and they can usually understand where everyone is coming from.

This happens when the situation does not involve them at all, of course.

You can depend on them to always understand what you're saying, or what you meant to say, even when you don't say it.