How The Digital World Will Affect The Futures Of Global Millennials


Little informs our experience as post-modern citizens more than the ritual of consumption.

In contemporary society, our lives consist of goods and services given to us, often without our own recognition.

Many of these are immediate necessities, like food, shelter or clothing, while others, like entertainment and information/news, are not needed in the literal sense, but greatly enrich our experiences.

As Millennials, we habitually binge-eat, binge-drink and even binge-watch.

With inflation, racism, homophobia, crime, war, disease, poverty and pollution amongst us, binge-able products and services offer a welcome distraction from a future that often seems disturbing, ominous or incomprehensible.

Sure, consuming generates income, but what about profits? WTF is a 401(k)? Retirement? F*ck it, YOLO. We all want everything and we want it now.

Careless decision-making and reckless behavior prove ironically soothing distractions from the tumultuous pressures of today’s world. Patience is every Millennial's worst enemy.

The Internet brings the multitude of media to our fingertips at high volumes, while also making it easier to avoid important information in favor of lighter fare.

If you don’t like what you see, just keep scrolling. While the accessibility of the web is often framed as a cultural threat, it also has the potential to empower those who utilize it.

The Internet Age makes it far easier to be informed or uninformed about the world we live in.

That is where we have the power. The world is now ours. Sure, we aren't entirely calling the shots, but we are certainly laying the foundation.

In today’s society, anyone with Internet access can find or create a platform to share content, regardless of his or her income, background and/or education.

Brace yourselves; the future is coming. (If the meme of the dude from “Game of Thrones” didn't just pop into your head, you can't sit with us.)

Progress is identified as the belief that mankind reaches its optimal state when (s)he uses adaptations of science, technology, liberty and democracy in order to interact with his or her environment while improving personal perspectives on life and achieving a quality life for his or her own self and others.

As members of Generation-Y, we have a unique and powerful role in shaping our world.

We are able to influence it more directly than our predecessors, yet we also have access to far more numerous, captivating and addictive distractions.

Click wisely, Gen-Y. You only live once.

It has become a responsibility among the Millennial citizens to not only engage their potential within the times that are so rapidly changing, but to also take on a proper perspective.

Along with the decision making of filtering out the bullsh*t that floods our entertainment feeds, news channels, political agendas and economic efficiency, the quality of consuming is the bigger issue at hand.

In regard to our necessities, there is a façade covering the reality of what not just the average American consumes, but an average human being decides to shape his or her life with.

The fact that we are alive and generally healthy isn't enough to mark our species with success.

Progress can only be determined by the reliability of its effectiveness.

Constant change is not something to be feared or looked at as some excuse for making mistakes, for nothing can ever be perfect.

So, if we can't adapt, our futures will be short-lived; today is the most important day in the history of mankind.

How will you spend it?