Why Your Best Friend Should Be Your Polar Opposite

by Gigi Engle

The age-old saying has always been, “Opposites attract.”

Of course, when we think of these “opposites attracting,” we immediately think they converge solely in romantic relationships.

Two very different people embarking on a romantic journey together does have the potential to be fruitful, but your noticeable differences can also set ablaze more than passion; they can ignite a huge fire that ends up incinerating your entire relationship.

Things are always complicated when sex is involved, especially when the person you’re engaged with is so unlike yourself.

It can be hard to relate to your partner when he or she is your boyfriend or girlfriend rather than your friend.

Communication can be difficult because your opinions are so at odds and personalities lack any form of synchronization.

While all of this may be true for boyfriends and girlfriends, the reverse is the case when your best friend is your polar opposite.

When the two of you are yin and yang, you’re complements to each other, and it just works.

The key is communication. You’re best friends and yet can recognize the individual qualities each of you possesses that are strong and different.

You never have a problem communicating with each other and improving each other.

Your dissimilarities bring you closer; they never tear you apart. The relationship you have with your BFF is the strongest relationship in your life (besides the one you have with yourself).

When you’re in a best friendship with someone who is completely different from you, you’re both opening yourselves up to a whole world of possibility and excitement.

1. The two of you bring completely different things to the table

The two of you have entirely different skill sets and personality traits. You both have distinct characteristics that play off each other.

Where you have a robust Rolodex, she has the highly developed social skills; where you have the wanderlust, she has the planning gene.

You are the cream to her coffee, and she is the jelly to your donut. Separated, you’re awesome, but together, you’re unstoppable.

2. You push each other out of your comfort zones

When you’re with your BFF, you try things you’d never try on your own. She forces you to do things you didn’t want to do, but most of the time, you’re so grateful you did.

Likewise, you get her to do all kinds of things she wouldn’t otherwise be comfortable with. You push each other to explore new opportunities.

3. You improve each other

You will always take the advice you get from your best friend to heart. While the opinions of others tend to piss you off, you know whatever she’s telling is the truth.

Since the two of you are so different, you’re able to recognize each other’s weaknesses and help to enhance each other in everything you do.

4. You feed off each other’s energy

Your auras are different, yet they work together in unique harmony. You each have your own special energy, and the other feeds off it to make her stronger.

Where hers might be intense, yours is more relaxed. Therefore, you ignite her spirit while she brings you back down to earth.

5. You balance each other out

You’re assertive; she’s on the meek side. You’re pushy; she goes with the flow. You’re high-strung; she rolls with the punches. The two of you are on opposites sides of the spectrum.

In a romance, these kinds of extreme contrasts can be detrimental to your relationship. When they occur with your best friend, they combine together and form a steady balance.

6. Your strengths are her weaknesses and vice versa

Where you might have a chink in your proverbial armor, she makes up for it tenfold. No one is perfect.

You each have your flaws and secret baggage, but together, you are a beacon of strength.

Not to mention she will always call you on your sh*t when you aren't being straight with yourself.

You are always building each other up, making each other better and more confident. Together, you can do anything.

7. The two of you are never bored

With two such vibrant, eclectic, volatile, interesting halves of a friendship, how could you ever find the time you share anything but exhilarating?

You two might be very different, but that only makes your dynamic that much more interesting. Every day together is a beautiful adventure.

8. You’re always complementary, never competition

Your relationship could never become adversarial; you care too much about helping and nurturing each other. You play unique roles in your social circle.

One of you may be more of a social butterfly while the other is more on the observant side, but that never leads to any form of resentment.

You two just work together. It’s not only refreshing, but it makes people want to have the two of you around.

9. If it weren’t for her, you’d just take your own advice

Sometimes you need some tough as sh*t, real ass advice from your main squeeze. Luckily, your best friend is always going to be there to give it to you.

She is much better at giving you advice than you are at giving it to yourself.

She has an outside, completely different viewpoint on the problems and situations you’re dealing with, and while you might not love her suggestions, you know she’s probably right.

10. Opposites will always attract

At the end of the day, opposites are always going to attract. You’ll recognize some quality or trait in your best friend that you would love to emulate or just plain admire.

There is so much about her that is so unlike you, but you adore her just the same.

When it comes down to the grit and dirty, the two of you share the most important thing off all: unconditional love.