10 Famous And Successful People Who Died As Virgins

by Dan Scotti
Wikimedia Commons

“It’s OK to not have sex.”

These were the wise words of Mooj from the classic film, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” a movie documenting the life of a sexless man in his early 40s.

“Not everyone’s a p*ssy magnet,” Mooj continued -- and he’s right.

Just like some people can't putt a golf ball into a hole from three feet out -- no matter how many mulligans you give them -- some people simply aren’t great at getting other objects into holes, either. And others, maybe not so commonly now, remain virgins by choice.

It’s not that big of a deal, though, unless you make it one. Look, to think that celibacy is in ANY way linked to inadequacy is a downright lie. I mean, sure, a lot of celibate people might also be inadequate in certain areas of their lives -- but it’s far from a universal rule.

After all, a bunch of famous, successful people went to the grave without ever experiencing the beauties of sex. And with their fame and success, you'd imagine they would have had a pretty easy time scoring, but many of them abstained by choice.

Oh, you didn’t know? So, if you’re feeling apprehensive about your lingering virginity -- don’t fret. You’re not alone.

1. Andy Warhol

Much about Warhol’s sexuality -- and personal life, in general -- was kept very private from the public eye. Although he divulged his homosexuality in interviews, he also wasn’t shy about his own virginity.

So ironically, while having his artwork in your home might get you laid, he, himself, never indulged himself, sexually.

2. Nikola Tesla

Tesla allegedly died a virgin -- but when you’re busy pioneering new methods of generating electricity, I guess the idea of sex seems sort of commonplace.

While Tesla might’ve been one of the greatest inventors of all time, he clearly lacked some inventive pick-up lines.

Clearly he didn't invent the light to keep them on during the sex he wasn't having.

3. Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll, author of "Alice in Wonderland," was actually a pretty weird dude. There is a great deal of evidence that surfaced after his death suggesting he had sexual interest in extremely young girls. You know, like he enjoyed drawing and photographing children in the nude.

And Alice herself? Was based on an 11-year-old, whom some allege Carroll may have wanted to marry. Thankfully, Carroll was said to have died a virgin...probably for the best.

4. Joan of Arc

I snickered a little bit when I read that Joan of Arc has actually been dubbed the “Virgin Warrior,” in certain circles. But, yeah, Joan of Arc died a virgin -- but only as a result of her devout Christian beliefs.

Joan of Arc was a total babe, though. She could've gotten it.

5. J. Edgar Hoover

Yes, it’s true. Many believe that J. Edgar Hoover -- the first Director of the FBI -- died a virgin. Many also believe Hoover was also a closet homosexual.

While he’s posthumously been accused of doing a lot of immoral things while in office, none of them pertained to any acts of sex.

6. Mother Teresa

When you become a nun, you make a vow of celibacy on behalf of the church and God. So, piggybacking off this notion, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Mother Teresa -- the Michael Jordan of nuns -- died a virgin.

Think about it, she’s not even a “sister,” as most nuns get labeled; she’s surpassed that -- she’s MOTHER.

7. Sir Isaac Newton

While Sir Isaac Newton was responsible for creating the laws of motion and universal gravitation -- apparently none of these top-tier accomplishments could help the man get laid.

Just kidding, many accounts claim that Newton had little interest in sex. He wasn't even about the "motion of the ocean." He was just about the motion.

8. Queen Elizabeth I

It’s been said that Queen Elizabeth died a virgin, after rejecting every single marriage proposal that came her way while she was alive.

Despite being one of the most powerful women of all time, when it came to her sex life, she might’ve been a bit too picky. Or maybe she was just a super-f*cking-independent woman. You decide.

9. Dom Perignon

While many of you will know the name “Dom Perignon” because of the champagne that many might guzzle before getting laid, Dom Perignon -- the dude it was named after -- was actually a French Benedictine monk who died a virgin. Ironic.

Often responsible for many fun, champagne-filled nights, Perignon unfortunately never enjoyed the pleasures of (consensual) sex while tipsy off his own beautiful alcohol.

10. Immanuel Kant

Many of Immanuel Kant’s main principles hinged on a general premise of duty, as opposed to seeking personal fulfillment. Kant's philosophies on life focused on the greater good of society rather than seeking individual enjoyment.

Kant clearly practiced what he preached, too, as he reportedly didn’t pursue any romantic or sexual relationships during his time on earth. I guess he just didn't see any societal benefit to getting laid.