Why You Should Only Fall For Travelers If You Can Give Them The World

by Kyle Bernard

A strong argument can be made for why everyone should fall for the traveling types. They’re charismatic in a way that others are not. Life seems to submit to their wants and needs.

Their joie de vivre and carpe diem state of mind compels those around them to live more freely. After all, does anyone enjoy the predictability of the mundane?

Their trademark bright eyes, wide smiles, shaggy hair and glowing skin are a handful of the traits that are appealing to just about everyone. They’ll inspire you to do more with your life.

They’re the little voice in your ear encouraging you to do something you’ve never done before. Go ahead, take a chance. You won’t regret it.

You’ll notice how simple life is to them, and this realization will only strengthen their magnetism. Inevitably, you’ll find yourself falling for them, over and over again.

Still, as far as dating goes, it may be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make in your life. Travelers, much like the forces of Mother Nature, are not meant to be contained. Here are five reasons you shouldn't fall in love with travelers:

1. Making them happy is no easy task.

We'd like to think we have what it takes to make our romantic partners happy. Yet, pleasing someone who has made the entire world his or her home is difficult. Dinner and a movie doesn’t compare to watching the sunset from the top of a mountain on a remote tropical island, does it?

Here’s an idea of what it takes: an overload of creativity or willingness to drive yourself crazy on a regular basis to keep the adventure alive and your free-spirited partner guessing. Mediocrity won’t do you any favors.

Forget silly dating rules, and don’t even think about playing childish head games. The traveler be halfway across the world before the game starts.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend big and obsess over them every waking moment of your soon-to-be heartbroken life. It simply means you need to be thoughtful, adventurous and willing to take a few (OK, maybe a lot of) risks, much like the way he or she experiences the world.

Make your partner things with your own hands. Take off on a car ride with no destination in mind. Lay with him or her in the middle of a park on starry night. Live in the moment with your partner, or let him or her be.

2. They don’t need you.

Travelers are more than capable of taking care of themselves. In fact, they take pride in it. Months or even years on the road will condition them to be independent people.

You’ll need to check your ego and emotions when they tell you, “No, it’s cool, I can take care of it,” over and over again. If you’re naturally the nurturing type, this may be the biggest challenge you face when you realize you’re weak in the knees for a wayfarer (not to be confused with your favorite pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses).

Travelers are rugged, resourceful and probably don’t need your help. If something breaks, they’ll fix it or they'll know how to get it fixed. They can cook their own meals, plan their own adventures and are generally cool customers in high-pressure situations.

What does this mean for you? It means they’ve chosen to be with you of their own free will. It also means you’re liable to be left out in the cold if you ever get complacent.

3. They can be unreliable.

Travelers yearn for more than knowledge of the world. They crave more than meaningful interaction with new people.

Self-discovery is an essential part of travel, a part that can only be experienced alone. The result of these solo inward journeys is a traveler’s occasional (or frequent) need for solitude. Travelers don’t want to be tied down, especially not to another person.

This means they’re prone to bailing on plans. They don’t feel bad about canceling on friends if they have a change of heart. In their eyes, adventure is one breath away, and opportunities are plentiful.

Don’t be surprised or offended if you become a victim of their unreliability. A chance to do something new may have presented itself. Try to understand.

Don’t confuse an unreliable person with an irresponsible one; there’s a major difference. Travelers have no problem assuming responsibility and being there for the ones that matter most to them in times of need. Their sense of duty is as good as anyone else.

Pressuring them to “grow up,” “be less reckless” and “act like an adult” will only force them to keep you at a distance, if they keep you at all.

4. They’re never around.

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons you shouldn’t fall for travelers is that they’re always on the go. Whether by plane, train, car, ferry or on foot, more often than not, they’re moving about.

If you want a stable, consistent love life, you’re looking in the wrong place. The only constant when it comes to giving your heart to a wanderer is that he or she will constantly be gone or looking for affordable chances to leave.

Yes, relationships are based on love, trust and compromise. But, a traveler's curiosity and penchant to discover this great big world is what made him or her so appealing to you in the first place.

Doesn’t it seem cruel and unfitting to ask someone to change one of his or her most beautiful characteristics? Nothing good will come of it.

If you convince him or her to stay, deep down, the traveler resent you for clipping his or her wings. The traveler will become an entirely different person, or he or she will simply break free.

5. They’ll make you insecure.

There’s a reason everyone loves a well-traveled person. The traveler is cool, knowledgeable and very comfortable in his or her own skin.

To a traveler, a conversation with friends and family is as appealing as a conversation with a complete stranger. Because of his or her constant travel, a traveler adds up loads of life experience points at much faster rates than the average person.

Ultimately, travelers are more than likely to be the life of the party, no matter where it happens to be. If you’re just as cool for your own reasons, you’re in the clear.

But if you’re the insecure type with a fickle outer shell, you’re in for an uphill battle. Your insecurities will worsen with each trip he or she take. Every time this person crosses another border, you’ll feel a little less confident in your ability to make him or her happy.

When you see them post group selfies with new friends, you’ll see these newcomers as a threat. To make things worse, their stories get better with time. They become funnier, grow larger networks of friends and live deeper experiences.

Here’s the ugly truth: Travelers are no good for your emotional stability unless you’ve already solidified exactly who you are. They’ll sweep you off your feet and be out the door before you hit the ground. If you’re falling for or have already fallen for a traveler, all you can do is try to keep up.

Live your life like it’s going to end today. Be imaginative, go with the flow and be surefooted with your self-esteem because the rest isn’t up to you; it’s up to him or her.

Don’t fall in love with a traveler unless you can give him or her the world. And if you say you will, you better deliver.