Everything You've Wanted To Know About Becoming A Sugar Baby

by Helena Negru
thais ramos varela

Have you ever heard of If not, you probably heard about Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies many times. Well, they are real. And they are not only arrangements which happen in movies, but also actual relationship types which happen more often than you care to imagine. And there are endless websites in this niche where ladies can find someone to support them financially and ... well, more.

Right under your nose, there are sugar relationships going on between young women and older men, many of them starting with some online help from Sugar Daddy websites, dedicated to helping the “babies” meet their “daddies." Why the use of these words? It's pretty simple: The woman is a young, attractive girl who wants to be pampered by a rich man who is older than her.

Can you call her a prostitute? From the point of view that she's using her body to get what she wants for, essentially, money, yes. From the point of view she is using her good looks to get all the attention and benefits a woman can get from a rich man, no. Can you call her a mistress? Depends on the marital status of the man and if they get intimate.

Either way, this type of relationship (which is definitely not a new one) is still looked upon with a raised eyebrow by both men and women, but deep inside, we all crave for a sugar relationship.

But what is a sugar relationship really like? It's a relationship between a young woman who looks amazing and is ready to join an older, rich man in his holidays, meetings and bedroom. She will receive a lot of expensive rewards, and she will be free of the pressure that comes with a traditional relationship. For both the Sugar Daddy and the Baby, there are no complications, no strings attached. No love is expected. If it comes, they have to deal with it. But love is not welcomed in a sugar relationship.

While there are a lot of drawbacks to this lifestyle, many girls are attracted to it and there are some hidden benefits of being a sugar baby.

1. You will look ravishing 24/7.

The main goal of a Sugar Baby is to live off the money of her Sugar Daddy, while he can show her off to everyone and enjoy her company. The man is going to send his Sugar Baby a lot of gifts, most of them being pretty sexy. Plus, as the Baby needs to look amazing 24/7, she is going to benefit from those gifts and credit cards to increase her sex appeal.

The most fashionable clothes, made of expensive materials which complement your body, diamonds, massage sessions, fitness sessions and a wide array of things meant to enhance your beauty are going to become your “job." Fancy a day at the SPA?

2. Student debt is history.

Here I can make a parallel with the world of prostitutes: A Sugar Baby is an educated woman, just like prostitutes throughout time have always been educated women, compared to their peers who often didn't receive an education because their job was to be a housewife.

A Sugar Baby uses the money to pay for their studies. Most Sugar Babies are students of reputable universities and continue their studies after they start the relationship with a “daddy." The problem a woman has to sort out is how to pay enough attention to both her man and her studies. What a Sugar Baby is not is a woman desperate to get the attention of a man who can feed her and shelter her in exchange of sexual services.

3. Travel becomes your second nature.

Most Sugar Daddies travel a lot and most of the times the babies are not from the same countries they are, which means there will be a lot of traveling involved. And it's all top quality, I'm talking VIP. Private jets, five stars hotels, Michelin rated restaurants and limousines are going to become part of the norm. Even if your man is not that rich, there is still going to be a lot of traveling across the world, which you don't have to pay for. You only need to be there, looking amazing and being good company for your partner.

4. Your deepest urges are going to be satisfied.

Not all Sugar Babies actually become intimately involved with their “daddies," but when this happens, the act is approved from both sides. Most women don't sleep with men they don't like. Then there is another point of view: Some women are into older men, and becoming a sugar baby is one of the ways to get in touch with them.

There are women who find the company of older men as seductive. For an old soul trapped in a young body, this is amazing news.

5. In the end, it's all temporary.

The biggest advantage of sugar relationships is the fact that they are temporary. If you don't like your man, you can simply put an end to the relationship. If you are ready for a normal relationship, you can simply end the sugar affair.

But this can also be the problem with this lifestyle. Being temporary and radically different than the old lifestyle of most babes, when it all ends, it will be a huge shock for her. Another problem is the fact you can't hope of marriage. If you fall for your Sugar Daddy, you need to know there are no chances he will marry you. However, there are chances he will put an end to the relationship in favor of a younger Baby, at some point.

Speaking of younger babies, there is a time each Sugar Baby needs to gracefully retreat from the scene. When is that time? Each woman can recognize it on her own.