Everything The Man Who Ends Up Marrying My Mom Needs To Know

Guille Faingold

For the past six years, its just been me, my mom and my sister. We're best friends who are united at the hip. We hardly ever let anyone new into our circle. But one day, things will change because Mom will have met you.

And when that day comes, you should know you got lucky. And by that, I mean congratulations because you just became the luckiest man on the planet. No, the galaxy. Scratch that, the universe. You are now the luckiest man in the universe because the woman you now have the privilege of calling your own is my mom, the most spectacular human who has ever graced this world.

Here are some of the reasons my mom is so incredible:

My mom is strong.

Although you may only believe this to be referring to her stellar body — achieved by spending hours daily at the gym doing yoga, spinning, weights and building up the endorphins we reap the benefits of — I mean this in other ways, as well.

My mom is a fighter.

She pushes through. She is a survivor, and even though life has knocked her down seven times (give or take), she's gotten back up eight times stronger. Her refreshing outlook on life is not only positive, uplifting, inspiring and motivating, but it is also a testament to her character and her beautiful mind. She handles every situation, no matter how complex, with grace, dignity and resiliency.

My mom is smart.

I can guarantee she didn't marry you for your money because she is the most hardworking woman you will ever meet. She runs her own company and takes care of her staff and business well. She's had the same friends for over half of her life because she knows how to maintain relationships and make people feel cared for and important.

My mom is beautiful.

This is true on the inside and out, and it is a rare gift indeed. She exudes perfection. She is fashionable and has amazing taste, but more importantly, she has the kindest heart and the most wonderful soul. They don't make people like my mom anymore. Her ability to make you feel like the most special person ever when she is talking to you is such a comforting feeling, and it has made my leaving her for college so much harder than it could have been.

Why can't I just have an average mom who kind of cares about my life and my problems, but not really? No, I have to have the mom who bears my burdens, walks me through every problem I'm facing no matter what time of day and develops a strategy with me to fix it. I am lucky because I know my mom cares about me and loves me more than anything in the world. That's just who she is. My mom gives 110 percent of herself to others, and that's not something you'll find every day.

My mom raised me.

She taught me familial relationships are more important than anything else. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have your family by your side, loving you simply because you are you. She taught me it's OK to laugh at the world and joke around, but most importantly, you can never forget to laugh at yourself.

She taught me to have a healthy mindset, to eat well and to always prioritize my well-being. I grew up knowing my grades were important, but if I got a C in a class because that's the best I could have done, my mom would be just as proud of me as she would have been if I had gotten an A.

My mom showed me money can't buy happiness.

But, it sure is nice to go on shopping sprees every now and then. She made me see that living in the moment is crucial. She tells me to come home any weekend I want no matter how much the price may be, and I should never feel guilty about it.

She has given me every opportunity. Despite how hard it has been over the years for her to grant my wishes, I have never gone without anything. She bought me a car. She bought me a whole new wardrobe for college, even though I ended up wearing leggings every other day.

She let me stay in my expensive mother-daughter philanthropic organization because she knew it would look good on my college resume (which she hired the best college counselor in town to edit). She lets me attend conferences for advocacy groups I am interested in, even though they are in DC and cost a fortune.

My mom lets me make my own mistakes.

Even though she knows I am choosing the wrong path, she lets me find out for myself. And at the end of the day, she is the first person to wipe my tears and console me when I realize I was wrong. She lifts me up higher than I have ever been when I am down.

My mom spent years driving me around and planning her own social schedule around mine. She was even nice to the bitchy moms just so I could have playdates with their daughters and make friends. She basically lived for me. I know she did. In my 18 years of life, its hard to summarize my gratitude for my mom. But, I love her more than I have ever loved anything. Everything good about me is directly attributed to her.

But now that I am 18 and settled in college, it's my mom's turn.

Please never take for granted what an incredible woman you have in your life. She will make you the happiest man. She will place your needs before her own. Her parents will embrace you like another son. You will be loved, welcomed and never without anything.

My mom gave me everything, and I know she will do the same for you because she just doesn't burn out. My mom gives, gives and gives, and she attains happiness by bringing joy to others. This magnificent trait of hers has inspired me to be a better person. In my mom, you will find an eternal support system, unconditional compassion and everlasting adventure.

All I ask in turn is that you make her happy because my mom has been waiting for you. She's been through it all, and she deserves someone who is twice the person she is. Treat her like a queen because she is one. Tend to her every need, and make it your life's mission to make her happy.

Because if you do, ​I swear you ​will end up being the happy one. You'll be happier than you have ever been because you get to spend your remaining days with a woman who is more incredible and special than words can say. Seriously, the dictionary hasn't caught up with her yet.

Appreciate her. Love her. Respect her. Be truthful. Never forget how lucky you are because this is my mom we're talking about, and she is my sun. I'm rooting for you.