Elite Daily's Latest 'Gen Why' Episode Perfectly Captures Why Fall Is Frustrating AF

Though it's not "officially" the start of fall yet (that comes on Friday, Sept. 22), the unofficial start of fall has been underway since most of us stashed our beach gear the Tuesday following Labor Day Weekend. And with the change of seasons comes cooler days, even cooler nights, all the Pumpkin Spice Lattes a basic could dream of, apple cider doughnuts, apple and pumpkin picking, and so much more. But you know what else the autumnal season comes with? Confusion. Lots and lots of confusion. So it's no wonder many have a love/hate relationship with fall.

To kick things off, sure, OK, it's all well and good to dream up shopping lists and think about where to buy the latest, greatest iterations of all those cozy and Instagrammable blanket scarves and sweaters and booties you've been eyeing (you know, the ones you bought specifically because they go perfectly with your trendy girlfriend jeans?), but actually wearing a heavy blanket scarf this time of year? Uh. Sorry. No. You can go right ahead and count me out.

For most of September (and if we're being honest, because of Climate Change, often the beginning of October, too), the weather does this really awful, awkward dance between kind-of-cold and OMG-it's-so-humid-why-does-the-universe-hate-me. And if you're foolish enough to leave the house with a blarf or a sweater or in, heaven forbid, closed-toes shoes, well then, good luck. By the time you get to work, it might still feel semi "cool enough" outside, but when 6 p.m. rolls around? You're going to be back to wishing you had a bathing suit and a personal fan — trust me.

Speaking of being too hot or too cold... have you ever fallen victim to the existential crisis that is placing a coffee order between the months of September and early October? Because, let me tell you, no one wins when faced with the question of "iced, or hot?" Forget about what you put on your body for a second and think about what you put into it instead. You might think you want a hot drink, but then you step back outside and it's like, Yes, sure, I would love to have some boiling hot coffee to match the flesh literally melting off my body, thank you so much, Mother Nature. (On the flip side: iced coffee on a day that dips below 60? Would. Rather. Never.)

Look, I won't play games with you. I'm not all that into pumpkin (sorry!), have never bought a PSL (we can't all be heroes), hate iced coffee (don't @ me), and subscribe to the kind of belief system that encourages me to wear sweaters all year round and not just seasonally, but I still really love fall — and yeah, that means I go pumpkin and apple picking because there are just lots of things in life you should do for the #content. However, even though I loving doing all that and look forward to it year after year, I still know that the beginning of fall is really just a mindf*ck for each and every one of us. I put away all my open-toed shoes on Sept. 1 just like everybody else does, and then I immediately regret it two days later when it's 84 degrees outside and I'm sporting my November best.

Feeling similarly? Good, because the latest Elite Daily Gen Why episode — "Why I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Fall" — perfectly captures the difficulty of not only dressing for the beginning of the new season, but also of just plain getting through it. Check it out below, and...

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