Here's What You Should Eat For Dinner Before A Night Of Drinking (Photos)

by Leigh Weingus

It's the weekend, which means it's time to unwind with a good book, a lot of sleep and a couple of sweaty sessions at the gym.

And, you know, a really crazy night out.

Although we can't do much to prevent your Sunday morning hangover, we did consult nutritionists Katherine Brooking and Elisa Zied to find out what you should be eating before a night out.

While they made it very clear they do not condone binge drinking and only recommend people consume 1-2 alcoholic beverages per day, they do have some suggestions as to what people should be eating before a big night out.

Nutritionist Katherine Brooking tells Elite Daily,

It is important to eat something before you drink so the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream is slowed. Focus on healthy fats and lean sources of protein, as these will help to slow digestion and the absorption of alcohol. Refined carbs (white rice, cookies, chips, etc.) tend to be absorbed quickly and will not slow the effects of alcohol by much.

Need some pre-drinking meal ideas? These ones are quick, delicious and really easy.

It's full of healthy fat and it's easy.

This one's full of good fat, fiber and Vitamin C.

All that protein will sustain you in a big way.

It's a lean source of protein and has good fat.

This will keep you full and give you the nutrients you need.

The cheese makes it delicious...

...and the greens, beets and olive oil are all awesome pre-alcohol foods.

A bowl of this stuff has water, protein and salt.

All great things to consume before a night out.

Not only are potatoes hearty, but they're full of potassium...

...and your body loses a lot of that stuff when you're taking shots.

Thanks to those chickpeas, falafel has a lot of protein in it.

Just try to make your own instead of hitting up a greasy food truck.

Kale is loaded with a lot of the vitamins your body is about to lose.

As an added bonus, top it with an olive oil-based dressing.

Head to the grocery store and buy a jar. They're full of electrolytes!

But just a heads up, you should probably have some actual dinner too.

Eggs have cysteine in them, which helps rid your body of toxins.

They're not bad when you're dealing with a hangover, either.

Last but not least ...

Yeah, we know it's not food. But hydrate, people!