This Is The Color You Should Dye Your Hair Next, Based On Your Personality Type

by Alexa Mellardo

Have you low-key been itching to switch up your hair color? If that's the case, you may have come down with… spring fever.

But GOOD NEWS: The beautiful, blossoming season is basically upon us. Well, at least it FEELS like it is after the gorgeous weekend we just had in NYC.

The majority of us are already experiencing symptoms of the fever, and the longing to wear a chic sundress with a denim jacket is all too real.

While I (unsuccessfully) try to cope with the winter blues, my mind drifts to yearning for the warm weather. I want to casually stroll down the street in my espadrilles and distressed skinny jeans, with an iced matcha green tea in my hand, dammit! Is that too much for a gal to ask?

Something truly magical occurs when a new season hits… especially when it's the transition from winter to spring. It's refreshing, and it peaks happy vibes all around.

The trendsetter in each and every one of us is (delightfully) plagued with that passionate longing to switch up her style game. A new season brings on a new you. There's an exciting sense of rejuvenation and reinvention.

For all my fellow ladies out there who want to change their hair this season, here's the color you should embrace, based on your personality type:

1. The Alpha


When it comes to coming out on top, the Alpha girl does not mess around. In both her career and relationships, this gal is all about (and has absolutely no problem with) squashing the competition so she gets to number one.

Although she can certainly be egotistical at times, she knows what she wants... and she goes and gets it.

A fierce, motivated woman of this sort should switch up her hair color to auburn with rich, red highlights.

2. The Believer


This gal is the leader of the pack. She's 100 percent invested in setting the trends in the squad and exploring fresh ideas when it comes to fashion and beauty.

For an outgoing chick like this, blorange (a whimsical combination of blonde-peach) is the ultimate choice. She'll truly be setting the trend for the season, and others will follow in her path.

3. The Bambi


When it comes to her career and friendships, this chick has an incredibly positive outlook on life. She's always down for exploring different opportunities, and is one to roll up her sleeves.

She's the one in the crew you can always count on to cheer you up when you're having the worst day ever, and she brings a huge amount of joy and warmth to any gloomy day.

Nothing can really bring down this girl's mood, and that's what makes her so special. For a bright soul like this one, honey hair with platinum blonde highlights (or white honey hair) is the way to go.

4. The Survivor


Although she may be close friends with the Alpha, this chick is certainly NOT the spontaneous type. Some Survivors can be a tad sneaky, but they're not ones to take risks when it comes to career and love.

The Survivor should definitely stick to something classic, like a dark chocolate brown. It will be a fun change, but not too daring.

5. The Soldier


The Soldier has the potential to flourish in her career and friend group, but she limits herself and holds back at times while climbing to the top. What she lacks in the outgoing department, she knows how to make up for when it comes to being a team player and getting what needs to be done in a successful manner.

This girl should not limit herself when it comes to dying her hair... but she also shouldn't change it to a color she'd feel uncomfortable rocking.

This chick should take on a pretty rose gold hue. It's unique, but not a crazy leap.

6. The Pragmatist


The Pragmatist is on the same page as the Believer, but she takes a different approach toward the things in her life. For example, she's known to be extremely analytical. She's the queen of logic, and will always ask questions that demand concrete answers.

The Pragmatist values a significant other and friends who are 100 percent real with her... no bullshit attached.

This sensible chick should dye her hair ash brown. It screams savvy and wise AF.

7. The Natural


The Natural's humble way of life proves her inner beauty is unparalleled. She's determined to succeed, and she's also extremely talented. This makes her flourish in her career. She practices balance in her life, and values it to the core.

As is fitting for her name, this woman should rock a natural, nude color. It's striking and bright, and defines the way she lives her daily life.

8. The Heretic


The Heretic is the wild soul of the bunch. While some are creative dreamers, others won't be told what to do. They won't even think about playing by the rule book.

The Heretic is vibrant, and will always bring a unique vision to any project she's working on, no matter whether it's for work or a fun plan with her girl squad.

This dynamic chick should dye her hair jewel tone balayage or pastel because a combination of gorgeous jewel colors or bright pastel exudes the energy she embodies all the time.

9. The Toiler


When it comes to family and friends, the Toiler holds them on a pedestal. Toilers are extremely family-oriented and love their friends more than words can describe. As far as work is concerned, a Toiler views it as something that's essential to support her loved ones.

She may not be looking to climb to the top in her career, but she certainly has a big heart and makes up a majority of the workforce.

This big-hearted woman should dye her hair something warm, like a mocha ombré.

Real talk: I dyed my hair last month, but I already have the urge to transform my locks into one of the hottest trends of spring 2017.

BRB, going to dye my hair.

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