There's Finally An Answer To Whether Or Not Red Wine Is Good For You

by Leigh Weingus

You come home from a stressful day and have a glass of red wine because you've heard it's good for you.

Before you know it one glass turns into four and soon you've finished the bottle, but whatever. Red wine is good for you!

Sound familiar?

We hate to break it it to you, but the bottle of red wine you chugged last night actually wasn't good for you.

And that might be why you have a headache today.

Although the effects of alcohol need to be studied more extensively, the general consensus is drinking a small amount of any type of alcohol -- wine, beer, liquor -- may promote heart health.

Red wine, sadly, does not have superpowers.

Drinking it in moderation probably isn't a bad idea, but know what moderation means: about one glass a day for women and two for men.

And even though we're all for you having a good time, it should be noted excessive alcohol consumption is associated with way more than just a hangover.

Studies have shown, over time, drinking too much alcohol can lead to various types of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease and more.

Drink responsibly, people!

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