The Difference Between You And A Healthier Life Is Drinking More Water

by Anthony Bowles

This month is Global Health and Fitness Month, so how can you get involved?

More importantly, how can you lead a healthier lifestyle this month and beyond? Well, it may be even easier than you thought.

It turns out, water is the best source to help you achieve your goal of leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Now, while water is free, just like many free things in the world, there are always ways to make it better.

In this case, if you really want to take that leap toward a healthy lifestyle, it will cost you, but I can assure you that it will pay off in the end.

Here are a few facts:

- You should consume at least eight cups of water each day, and even more if you are active. Bottled water can be pricey and tap water may contain contaminants and taste funky.

- Tap water travels through miles of old pipes on its journey from the treatment plant to your faucet and may pick-up heavy metals (like lead) or microbial cysts, to name a few things you probably don’t want to ingest.

- At-home water filtration products, like Pur, can provide you with great-tasting water that’s good for you and easy on the wallet.

- Pur pitcher filters are certified to reduce two times more contaminants than the Brita pitcher, and Pur faucet mount filters reduce 10 times more contaminants than the Brita.

So there you have it, if you were feeling the slightest bit conflicted about which filter might be for you, Pur seems to be the best bet.

Here are some quick and easy tips to liven up your plain old H2O, which will in turn help you drink more water:

- Fresh or Frozen Fruit: For an easy and fun way to enhance your water, add some fresh or frozen fruit slices (e.g., orange, mango, melon, peach). The change in flavor is refreshing without being overpowering. Just be sure to change out the fruit every 24 hours or so to ensure that you’re getting the freshest flavors.

- Herbs/Flavor Extracts: Mint, vanilla and basil are great, low-calorie ways to add a little kick to your water. Infuse in warm water to bring out the flavors and then pour over ice.

- Flavored Ice Cubes: Freeze your favorite fruit juice or flavored water into an ice tray and offer it up instead of regular ice cubes. Not only will they look cool in your glass, but they’ll slowly infuse different flavors into your water. Turn this into a game by having your friends guess the flavor combinations.

- Add a Splash of Juice: Many of us love juice, but not all of the sugar that comes with it. So, mix a splash of juice into your water to enjoy a tasty treat without all the sugar.

While many of us don't like the plain taste of water, gulping it down undoubtedly makes a difference in our well-beings.

As active as we Millennials are, we can make small adjustments to our lives that are simple, affordable and beneficial.

While news of water consumption being good for you isn't rocket science or news, the way we consume it being completely up to us to have fun with is a little bit novel.

Hopefully these ideas will help you find the ultimate healthy lifestyle for you.