These Are The Downsides Of Hooking Up With A Cancer

by Rosey Baker
Raymond Forbes LLC

Cancers are very sweet people; they're protective, nurturing, and compassionate to their friends and family members, and they're really great cooks.

They are also extremely intense.

If you've ever dated a Cancer, you know there are not enough hours in the day for the amount of cuddling this sign is capable of.

If you are thinking of entering a relationship with one, these are the down sides.

Emotional Whiplash

You'd better get ready to be the stabilizing influence in this relationship. If you're a sign like a Pisces or a Scorpio, someone else with a very -- ahem -- active emotional life,  being with a Cancer might be too much.

Cancer's mood changes every 10 minutes, and I mean drastically. Their moods change so much, they can barely keep up with themselves, so don't expect that you'll be able to.

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Cuddle Junkies

Look, there's nothing wrong with needing a hug, but like I said, there aren't enough hours in the day for the amount of cuddling your Cancer partner needs.

It's just unmanageable. I understand physical touch is your number one love language, Cancer, but for god's sake, get a job. Turn your need to cuddle into a career. Please let me breathe.

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You Must Vocally Appreciate Every Gesture

Cancers love to cook for their loved ones, and that's really sweet, but be prepared to feel like you are being both lovingly and forcibly fed.

They'll question whether or not they're any good, and they'll continue to pester you with questions like, "should I have put less salt?" until you finish what's on your f*cking plate just to get them to shut up.

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They Love To Stay Home

Hope you like Netflix, because there is nothing this sign loves more than a good old fashioned STAYcation. Cancers recharge by being couch potatoes. They can't help it.

They're super sensitive (you'll know that, because they'll tell you over and over again), and being out of the house drains a lot of energy from them. So when you do get them out, they'll probably be ready to head home way before you are.

Oh, and don't think about going out by yourself. Like the symbol of the crab, these people are clingy AF; they're like rescue animals.

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