7 DIY Emoji Halloween Costumes Perfect For Every Broke College Student

Rachel Levin/Youtube

Call it basic or whatever, but some of the best costumes come from the overlooked things we literally use every single day. When you send a funny text and have to further elaborate its funniness with a hilarious laughing emoji, that very image is a super easy and fun Halloween costume idea. Seizing the idea of DIY emoji Halloween costumes will not only save you time, but you'll have an awesome amount of options to choose from.

Let's face it, if you're a broke college student, you probably love to take a DIY project under our wing when you can to save your money. Why not test your DIY skills during one of the creepiest, most creative time of the year? And if you're looking for something simple to put together for a group project, this idea would also be perfect. Make sure the poo emoji is appropriately assigned to the right person, of course.

An emoji costume would be an awesome choice, and it jokingly pokes fun at the crazy way we use them all of the time. Don't act like you've never sent an upside down smiley just for the hell of it. Emojis have literally become our tools to show elaborated emotions we probably aren't even feeling or showing. If you're ready to make people's laughing emoji the real deal, take some tips from a few DIY videos.

1. It's All In The Crying Face

Hey, if you don't want the whole getup, stick to just decorating your face. Isn't expression all in the face anyway? You'll still steal the show.

2. It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This Cute Tutorial

Don't let the "teens" in the title discourage you. Anyone can reap the benefits of the emoji ensemble. Think of it as an ageless, universal costume.

3. A Cheap Costume? We're Totally Here For It

Yellow is already an incredibly stand out color, so imagine once you put your emoji face on it how much of a statement it will make at the party. Also, a basic T-shirt and leggings? You have the perfect getup to dance around comfortably in all night long.

4. Last-Minute? No Problem

Why can't we all have an easy accessible Halloween closet? Oh well, we can still take some valuable tips for our last-minute costume ideas. I'm totally not jealous at all about that sick wardrobe.

5. Emoji Makeup For The Win

Yellow makeup may not normally be the first one on the rack to go, but that works in your favor. These ideas are so cute and so simple. Also, feel free to add your own creative touch with yellow or black clothing to match.

6. A Hot Glue Gun Is Your New BFF

Anytime we can use our hot glue gun, that's a good time. Call it the kid in all of us, but arts and crafts will always be something worth doing. Don't blame us; blame kindergarten.

7. Pass The Paint, Please

Get ready for your work station to remind you of crafts corner in grade school. Now, though, you can manage your own scissors and your neighbor isn't eating glue. Why are crafts so amazing? Putting together a DIY costume will not only be rewarding, but it'll be your own piece of art. Even if your emoji isn't necessarily the cheesing one, expect everyone else to be smiling from ear to ear when you walk in.