10 Reasons Extreme Dieting Gets You Nowhere On Your Wedding Day

Congrats! You're engaged.

However, the post-engagement excitement will eventually start to subside, giving way to one terrifying realization: You have to plan a wedding now.

And along with that great responsibility comes another great task that many brides attempt to take on: pre-wedding weight loss.

I'm here to tell you to ditch your bridal bootcamp plans because dieting before your big day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

In fact, you can feel great walking down the aisle just as you are, celebrating love instead of a slimmer waistline and a grumbling tummy.

If you need further coaxing, here are 10 reasons why dieting for your wedding is a bad idea. Your mind and body will thank you.

It Makes Your Dress Fittings Difficult

Normally, brides buy gowns before they embark on their drastic wedding weight loss journeys. This puts a great strain on tailors who have to continue to take their dresses in as they drop pounds.

Furthermore, you might not even like the way your dress looks on your slimmed-down frame. The best bet is to pick something that flatters your body and have it tailored to fit you like a glove.

It’s Already Stressful

Being the bride is super fun, but it’s also draining.

You have to manage your bridesmaids, pick where everyone sits, send out invitations, write vows, choose a venue and so much more. You don’t want to add a strenuous diet and exercise routine on top of that.

You’ll Be Moody

No one is ever really happy while they’re on an extreme diet plan.

Instead, you’ll find yourself feeling moody and irritable, which will ruin the joy and magic of planning your ideal wedding.

You Won’t Be You In Your Photos

When you flip through the pages of your wedding album, you'll probably want to see yourself.

If you end up on an extreme diet, you won’t look like you ever did at any other time in your life, which might make the photos seem a bit less special.

Furthermore, an extreme diet will probably make you much more critical of the way you look in the pictures from your big day.

You’ll Miss The Fun Leading Up To Your Wedding

You won’t just celebrate your nuptials on your wedding day. You and your fiancé will probably do that regularly.

You’ll also have bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and engagement parties, and all of these events will be hard for you if you’re overly conscious of what you can and can’t eat.

Enjoy your time as a bride-to-be and indulge a little.

It Depletes Your Energy

As you can see, you’ll have a lot going on leading up to your wedding.

That’s why it’s imperative that you fuel your body properly. Rather than cutting out the majority of your daily calorie intake, eat foods that are nourishing and healthy to keep you going while you plan and prepare.

Whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats will work together to keep you energized and feeling full and strong.

It Might Hurt Your Fiancé

As you struggle to stick to your diet and workout routine, your fiancé might be struggling too.

That’s because it’s difficult to watch the one you love as he or she makes hard or unhealthy personal health decisions.

Outline a more reasonable, realistic routine to make both of you happier.

No One Else Thinks You Need To

Your family, friends and especially your fiancé already love you. There’s no need for you to completely change your body for one day of your life.

They’re all going to think you look beautiful, regardless of whether or not you lose weight.

It’s Unsustainable

Many brides who go on wedding diets do so to an extreme degree, one that will most likely end up being unsustainable.

The post-diet hunger and cravings cause many people to gain back the weight they lost and then some, which is yet another reason why a healthy, balanced diet yields the best results.

It Can’t Make You Happy

You’re about to get married.

Whether it's your fiancé, your family or your friends, everything should make you happy about your life and yourself.

A wedding diet will have you fixated on the inches off your waist, the size of your dress and the number on a scale.

None of which will make you feel as great as the real relationships and moments in your life.

Now What?

If you’re convinced it’s best to avoid a wedding diet and are now wondering what to do with all of your new free time, here are five of the best ways for you to spend your pre-wedding time.

You’ll be ready, happy and glowing on your big day if you follow the pointers below:


Planning a wedding is certainly a big responsibility, but you shouldn’t be losing sleep over it.

Establishing a routine so you’re going to bed around the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning is a proven way to get a good night's sleep.

Your newfound energy will help you power through the planning and fight off any stressors that might arise.

Fall Even More In Love With Your Fiancé

We know you already are, but give yourself ample time before the wedding to remember just how much you love your love.

Try and work non-wedding hangout sessions into your schedule, so neither of you loses sight of what’s really important.

Work It Out

While I'm not advocating signing up for a crazy pre-wedding routine, you should certainly be exercising before the big day.

This is because a good workout floods your system with feel-good endorphins, while simultaneously fighting stress.

Write It Down

Just as working out fights stress, journaling your feelings as you plan your wedding will help you deal with the many emotions surrounding your big day.

You might feel nervous, or you might be sad a parent or grandparent won’t be present at the wedding.

No matter what, writing it down in a journal will help you sort through your feelings and come out stronger.

Focus on the End Game

Your wedding will be wonderful, and when it’s over, you’ll be heading off for your honeymoon.

Focusing on all of the good that’s to come will help you get through the stressful moments of planning everything.

Just remember, everything will be fine. And you will be, too.