5 Cute Things To Do When You're Missing Your Hometown Girls

by Tessa Harvey

Your hometown girls are some of the strongest friendships you have, and possibly ever will have. They've been with you through all of the stages (the good and the bad), you've watched each other grow and leave your hometown, and you know that no matter how long it's been since you've seen one another, there's no changing your bond. But the truth is, it gets hard being away from each other for so long, and there are only so many times a FaceTime can replace the real thing. So, what are some things to do when you're missing your friends who don't live near you anymore?

I'll tell you what not to do, for starters. If you're already feeling down, don't wallow in it. Don't text your main girls a crying emoji (I know you want to), and don't isolate yourself and refuse to make new friends... unless you want to make matters worse. Instead, take a few extra minutes to do something to show your friends you're thinking of them. The solution isn't that far-fetched; even small things can help you make it to the next time you see them. Who knows? You might even start a fun group tradition. Here are five cute things to do when you're missing your hometown BFFs. 

1. Send Them A Greetabl


When I tell you I'm obsessed with these, I truly am. Greetabl sends your friends little boxes with pictures of all of you that can be torn out. Sometimes, there's glitter inside, and sometimes there's an adorable little gift. Your friends will be so surprised when they receive this cute package.

2. Frame And Hang Up Some Great Photos

Kristin Curette Hines

Missing your girls? Freshen up your space by framing some of your favorite pictures with them and highlighting them around your place. You'll be smiling in no time.

3. Remind Them Of Your Most Embarrassing, Hilarious Old Memories

Rob and Julia Campbell

This one is my personal favorite method of choice, of course. If you're feeling the blues, go through your Timehop, Facebook memories, etc., and pull up old posts and pictures you've all been tagged in. Your friends might say they totally hate you for it (while giggling on the other side of the phone), but it's secretly cheering them up, too.

4. Pick Up Their Fave Coffee From Miles Away

Holly Clark

Know all of your friends' favorite drinks? Send them a gift card or Venmo them a few dollars to cover their coffee for that day. It feels good to make your friends' day, even if it is just coffee.

5. Text Them A Funny Gif

Jovana Rikalo

... Or two. Or three. And while you're at it, tag them in a few memes. They'll log onto social media and be bombarded with notifications. Go ahead and keep laughing while you imagine their reactions.