Why The World Would Be A Better Place If Everyone Just Smoked Weed

Have you ever taken a good look at our society today? The crime, the pettiness, the disconnect between fellow man. It seems everywhere you turn, there is something horrible happening, some scandal breaking, or just someone being an ass. It's almost as if we are living in competition with one another rather than fellowship.

Whatever happened to "Kumbaya"? Whatever happened to brotherhood and harmony? The lack of common decency people have today always amazes me as I watch the rate of bullying rise to extreme levels, proving that we are bringing our children into a world of hatred and abuse. There's no relief from the world anymore as weed is constantly stigmatized and looked down upon.

Kids must hide their habits, smoke in cold driveways or in moving cars. They are forced into hiding when what they should really be doing is spreading the love.

Why can't the stuck up, non-smokers take their ignorance and leave everyone alone? I mean, smokers don't judge people who don't smoke weed (which is an abomination to weed smokers everywhere), so why do they think they can judge smokers? What harm is it causing them? Why can't they understand that the world would be a better place if everyone just smoked weed?

Cheetos Stock Would Soar

Stores would never run out of Cheetos and the snack would be everywhere -- at every convenient store, gas station and vending machines. It would be as accessible as water.

 Murder Rates Would Plummet

Who wants to kill anyone when they are just trying to chill? Besides, you can't stay mad at someone after smoking the herb. Let's all just make peace and love one another.

 Thanksgiving Would Be 100 Times Better

If weed was served next to the mashed potatoes, the long dinner with family you never see and food you can only eat so much of would turn into a wonderful feast; a stoner's wet dream.

 There Would Be Less War

We'd be too lazy to fight, let alone remember what we were so upset about in the first place.

 They Would Make Better Movies

There would be an exponential increase in the quality of the movies Hollywood produces if the directors smoked some herb. Maybe then we wouldn't have to be exposed to movies like 'The Delivery Man" and "Magic Mike."

 The President Would Finally Be Able To Be Himself

Oganja is just way cooler.

Top Photo Courtesy of Tumblr