7 Reasons Why All 20-Something Guys Need That One Best Girl Friend

The dating world can be just as difficult to navigate for guys as it is for girls.

Sometimes, a guy needs a girl to center him, unconditionally love him and prevent him from going home with a toothless, middle-aged dental assistant — all without sleeping with her.

Studies have shown that girls are more organized than guys; therefore, we are better able to organize your women.

Let's face it: The world of dating can get confusing. Where our parents' generation had little black books, we have social media, Tinder, texting and real life to juggle. "...Which one was she?" my guy friend asks me as he stares at his phone.

"The one with brown curly hair in the pink Bebe dress," I reply. "She's a dental assistant from West Jordan."

He looks off to the side and scratches his head, sipping a PBR, mentally scrolling through the events of the previous weekend.

The biggest mistake a guy can make is texting the wrong girl or getting two of them mixed up. A best girl friend can help you keep track of your conquests, and at the very least, remember their names. We, the girl friends (not to be confused with "girlfriends") are there to remind you who Kelsey/Shannon/Jayme/Kayla/Becca are.

Wingwomen know better than any man.

Girls tend to pay better attention to detail than men do.

That’s why we’re better at remembering even the smallest of details about a girl, even if we’ve only met her once (or, even if we’ve just seen her Facebook profile). While a guy friend might say something generic like, “Oh, I’ve heard so much about you,” we take it a step further.

A good wingwoman would say, "Hi, it's so nice to meet you. You must be [insert flavor of the week here]. I've heard so much about you — you're [insert flavor of the week's job here], right?" (Yeah, we’re awesome, I know.)

We keep you from making bad decisions.

Yes, I know the girl from Tinder is really, really hot, but her intro photo is literally just of her cleavage. Her tagline reads, “Looking 4 my prints Charming.” So, do you really want to hang with her? I know she has great boobs, but seriously?

Yeah, we keep you from swiping right even when you really, really want to. You’ll thank us later when a year from now, you see said Tinder girl with a brand new baby and saggy boobs, driving the car of the poor schmuck she manipulated on Tinder.

We give you a reality check.

If you’re 29 and think you “still have a few years before it gets creepy that you’re dating 18-year-olds,” and your guy friends agree with you, then you need a dose of tough, girl friend love. You might not always like what we have to say, but in the end, we’ll probably guide you toward something better.

On the flip side, when we meet a girl who is right for you, and we tell you, you’ll know we’re being honest.

We’re always down for whatever.

There are some things to which you might not want to bring a girl you’ve just started dating: weddings, your redneck uncle’s NASCAR-themed 40th birthday party, a sporting event (if you’re not sure whether or not she likes sports just yet), a work party, a Spartan race — you name it.

Well, since we're here, you don’t have to worry about whether or not she’ll feel uncomfortable or enjoy herself, and you don’t have to stress about whether or not she’ll get obnoxiously drunk and vomit all over your uncle’s airbrushed t-shirt.

We’ll boldly go where no bro can go.

When it’s time to go shopping, you know you can’t go with your surf bro roommate, whose attire consists of only tank tops and board shorts.

I’ve gone with my guy friends to get pedicures, massages (sports massages, of course) and pick out sweaters for their moms' Pomeranians — and I have never once uttered a word about it afterwards.

A best girl friend always has your back.

Even after we’ve picked you up from jumping out of a cougar’s bedroom window, we are still 100 percent behind you. Where girlfriends may come and go, we've got your back — for life.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr