How The Gen-Y Men Are Reinventing What Modern Masculinity Looks Like

by Lewis Howes

Traditional gender roles are becoming a thing of the past.

We know for certain the roles of men in families have changed in our culture.

Fathers are now seen changing diapers and staying at home with the kids, and they have babies strapped to their chests now more than ever.

There is a new type of man emerging. Move over Renaissance Man, the Millennium Man is here.

The Millennium Man is still tough, but he now comes with a side of tender.

He isn’t afraid to show the world he cries, and he encourages other men to drop the machismo and let it out, too. He is one of the guys, but he has at least one best friend who is a girl.

He is not afraid to go deep in conversation with his male friends.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he’s open to learning.

This man is more connected to his body than his father was because he has spent time meditating, doing yoga and practicing mindfulness.

Comfortable enough in his own skin, his masculinity shows through even when he's wearing hot pink shirts or indulging in a facial.

He is the soccer player who comes out to the world and keeps playing, with the support of his friends and family.

He may even come to your Zumba class, just because he wants to try something new.

He willingly signs up for salsa dance classes and isn’t ashamed to tell his friends.

He’s not afraid to make a fool of himself and looks amazing when he does.

Millennium Man has learned to appreciate the intellect and earning power of his partners, recognizing they are with him because they want to be, not because they need to be.

Their power and beauty don't threaten him, and he doesn’t mind if he’s not the biggest earner in the relationship.

When he settles down with a family, he takes his share of nighttime feedings and knows his family is the most important thing there is. He cherishes the messy and mundane moments.

He is just as likely to throw a meal in the crockpot in the morning as his partner is, and together, they have a tag-team partnership that keeps the household afloat.

Millennium Man knows his way around the bedroom. He is self-aware and listens to his partner's needs and desires.

He recognizes there is something sacred in sexuality and isn’t afraid to explore it.

Also, the Millennium Man doesn’t mind if he “loses to a girl” because he doesn’t see her as “less than.”

This man is innovative in his work and is more concerned with doing what he loves than making a fortune.

He works from anywhere in the world and wears whatever he wants to work. The culture and integrity of his business is his highest priority.

He understands living is giving, and he is happiest when focused on others.

Millennium Man isn’t afraid to ask for help, to say "I love you" to his buddies or admit his fears. He is an avid reader and loves a good football game.

He speaks at least one other language besides his own, and he has traveled enough to know the world is a big place and he is not the center of it.

He spends more time following his passions than his account balances.

The Millennium Man is not the stoic, inhibited type. He doesn’t subscribe to the “men don’t do that” stance. He doesn’t say, “That’s just me” and pretend he can’t transform. In fact, he is eager to grow.

Millennium Man doesn’t immediately raise his fists at the first sign of conflict; he’s a good communicator and wants to talk it out.

A woman's strength doesn't threaten him, and he cherishes the joy she experiences in her success.

He knows that when others win, he wins, too.

Ultimately, Millennium Man is a well-rounded composite of the best generations of men before him (just more worldly and technologically savvy, with a wealth of resources at his fingertips).

Most of us like what we see in this new kind of man, and we hope he keeps it coming.