Make The Food Porn Stop: Being A Vegetarian On Instagram Vs. Real Life


You would think that being a vegetarian would make cooking for yourself a hell of a lot simpler because you have fewer ingredients to work with -- but somehow, some way that is far from the case.

It doesn't matter if all you are preparing is a fruit salad, the Internet will make you feel like one gigantic failure.

It gets pretty tiring and repetitive eating the same six things over and over because, let's be real, who has the time or energy to expend into preparing a legitimate meal?

So how does the food we see online differ from the food we see in reality? Well...

1. Lasagna doesn't sound like it would be too hard to make...

It involves three things: cheese, pasta and sauce. You would think that would be easy and quick to make, but for some reason, your concoction just ends up being one epic failure after the next.

2. Fruit salads used to be so simple...

It may not look all that appetizing when you are eating it from your bowl, but it all tastes the same in the end, doesn't it?

3. Who knew Brussels sprouts could even be considered a delicacy?

Brussels sprouts are actually some of the best tasting vegetables, but you wouldn't know that by looking at them... especially if you are the one making them.

4. How do wraps even stay together while you eat them?

Consider it a miracle if you are able to eat half of your wrap while it remains in one piece. You better have a fork and napkin handy because you'll definitely be needing it.

5. This is what Thanksgiving looks like for Vegetarians:

Thanksgiving may be most people's favorite holiday, but it most certainly is not yours. All you end up eating are sides of vegetables and maybe a tofu-inspired Tofurky entree.

6. We were told not to play with our vegetables:

We try making our vegetable options more attractive, but all we end up doing is hurting ourselves in the process.

7. I thought the point was to resemble actual food

Veggie burgers are the biggest gimmick of them all. Wouldn't it be against the point entirely if they actually tasted like meat? ...And so we settle for munching on cardboard.

8. Uh, is this how my homemade green juice smoothie is supposed to look?

At least it's green.

9.  Umm, are we actually supposed to be full from this?

Getting protein, for vegetarians, is a consistent struggle; so staying full for any amount of time is damn near impossible. Oh well, I guess that's what snacks were invented for.

10. Breakfast inspiration may be real, but it never pans out the way you expect it to

Who has the time to actually make a well-rounded breakfast? No one, so Yoplait it is.

11. This is as gourmet as your soup gets

If it says gourmet on the can, we can pretend it's fancy, right?