50 Differences Between People Who Sip Tea And Those Who Chug Coffee

by Elite Daily Staff
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They say the world is divided into many groups, ethnicities and races, but in reality, there are just two distinct groups: tea drinkers and coffee drinkers.

Ask either side what it thinks of the other, and much like these people's caffeine content, they’ll give some pretty bold statements. Tea drinkers like their variety, their range of flavors and soothing properties.

Coffee drinkers like their origins, their earthy blends and the round-the-clock jolt of energy. It’s like comparing red wine to white wine or dark chocolate to milk chocolate -- you can enjoy both, but you still play favorites.

We all need a boost every now and then, but how you choose to consume can say a lot about the type of person you are. Do you prefer coffeehouse tables to bar counters? Laptops to notebooks?

Maybe you're more loose than you are grounded. Maybe you're better chilled out than you are hot and bothered. Maybe you're more herbal than you are concrete.

Our drink preferences let on more than we think at first sip. Why do you think there are speciality stores, aisles in the supermarket and trade centers dedicated to these beverages? We need the perfect fix fit.

Not only do we get high off their contents, we get a buzz from the warm feelings they leave us with.

Here's what type of person you are based on your tea or coffee consumption:

1. Tea drinkers meditate; coffee drinkers medicate.

2. Tea drinkers are as loose as their leaves; coffee drinkers are as grounded as their beans.

3. Tea drinkers take a break; coffee drinkers need a break.

4. Tea drinkers are high-noon; coffee drinkers are morning, noon and night.

5. Tea drinkers take it slow; coffee drinkers are looking for a rush.

6. Tea drinkers are looking to kick back; coffee drinkers are looking for a kick.

7. Tea drinkers know no time constraints; coffee drinkers know to cut it off by 3 pm.

8. Tea drinkers are about rainy days; coffee drinkers are early mornings.

9. Tea drinkers see the mug half-full; coffee drinkers see it to the bottom.

10. Tea drinkers work outside the lines; coffee drinkers work to meet deadlines.

11. Tea drinkers don’t need caffeine; coffee drinkers would inject it, if possible.

12. Tea drinkers like to stew; coffee drinkers like to brew.

13. Tea drinkers bag it up; coffee drinkers like their sugar in the raw.

14. Tea drinkers like a little flavor; coffee drinkers like it extra bold.

15. Tea drinkers like it piping hot; coffee drinkers like it with the pipe.

16. Tea drinkers are fixing up; coffee drinkers need their fix.

17. Tea drinkers lie down to bed; coffee drinkers need it to get out.

18. Tea drinkers keep thoughts; coffee drinkers keep notebooks.

19. Tea drinkers eat biscuits; coffee drinkers don't eat anything.

20. Tea drinkers ask questions; coffee drinkers answer them.

21. Tea drinkers are soothing; coffee drinkers are brooding.

22. Tea drinkers can let it wait; coffee drinkers sip their weight in coffee.

23. Tea drinkers do it for the enjoyment; coffee drinkers do it with a purpose.

24. Tea drinkers ponder; coffee drinkers argue.

25. Tea drinkers read; coffee drinkers write.

26. Tea drinkers cross wires; coffee drinkers get wired.

27. Tea drinkers need to relax; coffee drinkers don't need the laxative.

28. Tea drinkers feel close to home; coffee drinkers are imported.

29. Tea drinkers put their hands around you; coffee drinkers' are shaky.

30. Tea drinkers come from a box; coffee drinkers have an origin.

31. Tea drinkers are just starting out; coffee drinkers are aficionados.

32. Tea drinkers sip on a moment; coffee drinkers gulp it down.

33. Tea drinkers are strict; coffee drinkers are addicts.

34. Tea drinkers savor the day; coffee drinkers live it.

35. Tea drinkers are romance and fantasy; coffee drinkers are passion and efficiency.

36. Tea drinkers have a preference; coffee drinkers don't discriminate.

37. Tea drinkers are found in libraries; coffee drinkers are found in bookshops.

38. Tea drinkers spill the milk; coffee drinkers spill the beans.

39. Tea drinkers are imaginative; coffee drinkers are productive.

40. Tea drinkers are high-society; coffee drinkers are low-brow.

41. Tea drinkers blow on their tea, coffee drinkers exhale cigarette smoke.

42. Tea drinkers will double-bag it; coffee drinkers will give you a double shot.

43. Tea drinkers don't mind it too weak; coffee drinkers don't mind it too bold.

44. Tea drinkers know what's buzz-worthy; coffee drinkers know a good buzz.

45. Tea drinkers like fine china; coffee drinkers are fine with paper.

46. Tea drinkers have some spice; coffee drinkers have some bitterness.

47. Tea drinkers steep in their cups; coffee drinkers get deep inside.

48. Tea drinkers simmer just fine; coffee drinkers get heated.

49. Tea drinkers stir the pot; coffee drinkers warm up to you.

50. Tea drinkers comfort you when you're sick; coffee drinkers comfort you when you're tired.