How To Propose A Toast

Be a true gentleman and learn how to properly perform a toast. At some point during your luxurious life you're going to have to conjure up something a lot more articulate than a quick "cheers".

Imagine: The company which you founded with your best friends only a few short years ago has just completed a merger that will make you and your partners millionaires several times over.  Starting with humble beginnings and built through hard work you have brought unimaginable success to those around you. Your team and their respective girlfriends, wives and families have all gathered to celebrate your accomplishments.

It is at this moment, that you realize your partner's sister is biting her lip and batting here eyelashes at you in such a way that only mean one thing... We can all agree that it is in best taste to say a couple of words to commemorate the moment. And we don't mean just any words—we mean words with a glass of the finest in-hand.

Do you utter a simple “cheers” and list your glass without any contemplation or do you render a few short words that pertain to the situation?

Now, you're going to want to keep your toast short and sweet just like your previous marriage. Believe it or not, some of the bests toasts said are only three to four lines long. You're going to want to use simple but substantial words to convey your feelings. Again, use discretion, be concise, and relate your toast to the event at hand.

If you do happen to be attending a wedding, Elite Daily suggests that you take the time out to compose your own toast well in advance and not attempt to conjure one up on the spot. Weddings are meant to be special and memorable--you don't want to mess up a toast on such a day and kill the magic.

The rules of giving a toast are quite universal, and thus applicable to a wide variety of scenarios.

Regardless of where you are, you must remember that the purpose of a toast is to honor another, not yourself. This might be one of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make; putting the spotlight on themselves during a toast. A toast is the one time when you need to remove yourself from the equation.

Remember, be prudent and concise yet use substantial words. Keep in mind that the toast should not include you or any references that might offend any parties amongst you.