3 People, 4 Places And 3 Things That Make Cleveland Great

by Selina Almodovar
Getty Images

Cleveland is the kind of city that knows it’s a cool place, yet everyone from everywhere wants to talk trash about it.

Sure, we have our moments, but one thing is certain: The people of Cleveland are passionate, resilient and real.

If you haven’t reached that conclusion yet, then take a look at these three people, four place and three things and see for yourself:


LeBron James: LeBron James is the one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Are you thinking back to that one time when things got a little “heated” between us? Listen: No one will understand the love-hate relationship we have with LeBron.

At the end of the day, it’s not about him, and it’s not about us; it’s about our city, and that is something we will always agree on.

Drew Carey: Seriously, how could this guy get any more awesome? As the TV host for “The Price is Right,” Drew is one of the coolest dudes to ever hit daytime television. Why?

Because when things get awkward (like when your model accidentally wins a car for a contestant or when you award someone in a wheelchair with a treadmill), Drew keeps the party going.

He never misses a beat, and he always makes everyone feel like a winner. 

Michael Symon: Two words: Thank you. And, not just for his "Iron Chef" skills at his flashy, high-end downtown restaurant, Lola.

He took it to another level by providing four-star food for everyone (regardless of their budget), thanks to his B-Spot burger joints, Lolita Bistro, a trendy junior version of Lola, and his soon-to-be amazing “Cleveland-style” barbecue restaurant opening its doors in the near future.

He is the best host on the daytime show “The Chew” because he keeps it real. And you know it!


Slyman’s: Go downtown during the day, and you’ll notice a line of people waiting patiently on the corner of East 31st Street and St. Clair.

You might be wondering what the people are waiting for. I’ll tell you what they’re waiting for: the world’s best corned beef sandwich.

Yeah, I said it. Because in Cleveland, we mean what we say! Seriously, these sandwiches are the size of your head, and it is well worth the wait.

Luckily, God has heard our prayers because earlier this year, Slyman’s decided to open up a second location called Slyman’s Tavern. So, eat on, friends!

The Playhouse Square: Ever have one of those days where you want to just pack a bag, fill up your gas tank and drive east to New York City so you can catch one of those Broadway shows?

Good news: The Playhouse Square can meet all of your Broadway needs, without the need for one of those crazy New York cab rides. Best part?

The Playhouse has the world’s largest outdoor chandelier, which will really make your evening (or afternoon) special. Why? Because we’re classy like that.

University Circle: This east-side neighborhood hosts some of the most culturally diverse attractions and performing arts venues in the city. And, we’re not talking about a couple of museums.

University Circle has 11 museums, parks and attractions for people of all ages to enjoy. With all the jazz that stirs up, you’d think they were holding a party for the city.

Oh wait, they do. Every Wednesday during the summer, they throw a huge outdoor party known as WOW (Wade Oval Wednesday), where live music, food vendors and families come together to jam out and relax.

The Cleveland Metroparks: Cleveland offers an extensive system of nature preserves that spans more than 21,000 acres!

It's perfect for those outdoor adventurers in need of a good walk, hike, bike ride, horse ride or fishing expedition.

When your family wants to have a cookout, you can bet they’ll be here.


Stadium Mustard: For all you sports fans out there, you can thank us later for this one. Your hot dogs and hamburgers just did a 180 with our authentic brown mustard!

It is a rare delicacy only Cleveland residents can proudly purchase at just about any grocery store.

Wait a minute; you mean to tell me there are some cities out there that don’t sell stadium mustard?! I’m so sorry.

"A Christmas Story": Say what you want, but Cleveland has always been a part of your Christmas memories because of the famous movie, “A Christmas Story.”

While others only hope to enjoy that “fuzzy feeling” Ralphie Parker and his family bring to the holiday, people all over the city decorate their homes with their very own leg lamps (which around here, is a totally normal Christmas decoration.)

The Weather: We wake up in the morning and it’s a chilly, slushy and dreary 30 degrees. No worries, we all know how it goes.

By noon, we’re shedding our layers of scarves and jackets to enjoy the gorgeous 73 degrees of sunshine.

We gotta enjoy that sun while we can because before it sets, it’ll drop back to about 54 degrees. The weather in our city is pretty bipolar, but it doesn’t matter.

We suck it up and keep moving. If you can’t handle it, then you’re soft. And our city doesn’t have room for softies.

So, there you have it. Think you can handle our town?  If so, then head on over and get ready to be amazed. Become a part of the greatness Cleveland is and forever will be.