77 Things That Describe Why People Love New York City

by Ashley Fern

NYC is unlike any other city in the world, as most anyone can tell you. When it comes to differentiating any one type of person as a "New Yorker," it's apparent that there really are no two people in this city who are the same. People flock to NYC from all over the world and with good reason.

It just makes sense that so many television shows and movies take place here -- there's no better choice. Of course there are things we dislike about our beloved city, but they pale in comparison to the things we love about it.

New York really is a place all people should live at least once in their lives, even if they need to take a break now and then. Here are all of the reasons why people love living in the Big Apple:

1. Being able to walk anywhere

2. Delis with no credit card minimum

3. Delis that accept credit cards

4. Outdoor concerts

5. People who can walk efficiently on the sidewalk

6. Seamless

7. The concept of Citibikes (though you'd never actually use one)

8. The naked cowboy

9. Throwing water balloons off rooftops in the summer

10. Never needing a designated driver

11. Apartments with elevators

12. Trader Joe's

13. Taking pictures in Central Park

14. Lying out in Sheep's Meadow

15. It's the best travel hub in the country

16. Being able to go to a different bar every day of the year without repeating

17. Being able to go to a different restaurant every day of the year without repeating


19. Rooftop bars

20. The Highline

21. Outdoor dining

22. Not needing a car

23. Speakeasys

24. Leaving the city in the summer

25. The train system can take you anywhere

26. Governor's Island

27. Randall's Island

28. The different people you meet

29. Bars being open until 4 am

30. Broadway lives here

31. The skyline

32. Public transportation that runs 24/7

33. As much as we love to hate it, Times Square is pretty cool (from afar)

34. Bagels

35. Dollar slices of pizza

36. Celebrity sightings

37. There is always something open 24 hours a day

38. "Law & Order: SVU" takes place here and who doesn't love Stabler and Benson?

39. Because despite the fact it's beyond crowded, you can still run into people you know on the street

40. It's basically the capital of the world

41. The parks

42. How every neighborhood feels like a completely different city

43. NYC is filled with history

44. It's one of the fashion capitals of the world

45. Endless job opportunities

46. Doesn't matter if you're broke or rich, you can still have a great time

47. There's always something going on

48. Running alongside the river

49. Outdoor beer gardens

50. People want to go out of their way to visit you

51. The Empire State Building

52. Grand Central Station

53. The Statue of Liberty

54. The New York Public Library

55. Rockefeller Center

56. Taxis are relatively inexpensive compared to other places in the world

57. Ice skating rinks at every park in the winter

58. Watching fireworks on the 4th of July from your rooftop

59. Everything can be delivered: weed, wine and groceries

60. All the best food ends up here

61. No matter what time of the day or night, you are never alone

62. All the opportunities are here

63. Best city to be single in (just kidding)

64. Nightlife never ends

65. Diners turn into clubs in the wee hours of the morning

66. Any time you want, you can go to Italy, China or Paris

67. Everything you ever needed is here

68. It's the best city for brunch

69. The amount of sports teams that call it home

70. You're already where you want to be

71. DIY workouts on scaffolding

72. Whenever a good place closes, a better one opens in its place

73. Living in NYC teaches you the realities of life

74. People will only help you as far they can

75. Open air cafés

76. Outdoor dining

77. Its grid-like structure that ensures you never will get lost