Stoner History 101: The Myth Of The White Lighter

by Lauren Martin

Part of every kid's stonificiation is heeding to the myth of the white lighter. Every man (or woman) who smokes the ganja has heard of the tale of the fire blanco. Its stories are told over camp fires at Bonnaroo, through bathroom stalls at rest stops, and in basements all over the world. Some kids believe in the myth, letting the superstition control their very use of it. Others ignore it, living dangerously. Whether they indulge in the superstition or not, it's still a universal truth that white lighters are bad luck.

But where did this principle come from? What's the origin of the long running tale? In today's lesson, we are going to review the myths of the feared White Lighter according to highDEAS,

"When disposable lighters first came out, they only came in two colors. Black, and White. Now, when people would try to pack bowls down with their lighters, the ash would often get stuck to the bottom of their lighters. So when they were being investigated by police, white lighters would show signs of smoking and ash burns, and black lighters wouldn't."
"Another reason revolves around Four Famous Musicians (and Fellow Stoners), Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrex, JanisJoplin, and KurtCobain. All four of them were left-handed, and they all died at the age of 27. The coincidence was that all four of their autopsies showed that when they died, they had White Bic Lighters in their pockets."

Lastly, we have a visiting lecturer from HighTimes to further elaborate on the topic.