The Most Heartwarming Moments Of Soldiers Returning Home

by Julian Sonny

There's nothing bad you can say about the good people serving our country. Their selfless duty is definitely something worth lauding, as they put it all on the line to assure our safety and freedom.

The traumatic experiences and unspeakable horrors that these men and women are exposed to during their tours overseas, from Iraq to Afghanistan, are more than most of us could probably handle.

However, it may be just as hard for these service people's families. I'm sure we all know at least one person who has served, so you should know how big of a deal it is when they finally return home. There truly is no more heartwarming moment than this and luckily for us, thousands of families have captured this moment and uploaded it onto Youtube!

If you can watch these without shedding a tear or at least feeling something in your heart, then you are a real scumbag. These are the most heartwarming moments of soldiers returning home.

Soldier finds his girlfriend at the convenience store

Soldier surprises his mom

Army dad surprises his two daughters in a box

Soldier surprises his brother in his sleep

U.S. Sailor from Afghanistan surprises his family at Monday Night Football

Marine dad surprises his daughter

Marine surprises his girlfriend at the movie theater

Soldier shocks his sister at her school

Marine surprises his sister at her college graduation