The 9 Best Weed Nicknames In America

"I got five on it." There are no greater words a friend can tell you when it's that time of the day. But depending on where you're from, that five dollars could be going to something very different.  Linguistically speaking, of course.

Over the years, stoners far and wide have developed signature words or phrases to describe the medicinal plant. From the buddha to the ganj, you will find that it varies by region. But if they all have one thing in common, it's that they're all pretty badass.

These aren't just our parents' terminology anymore. We have our own updated vernacular, that thanks to popular culture, is better than ever before. These are the 9 best weed nicknames in America.

Fire (Chicago)


Piff (New York City)


Bud (Philly)

Instagram | Harold & Kumar

Gas (DC/Maryland/Virginia)


Trees (San Francisco)

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Dank (Southern California)


Hydro (Denver)


That Strong (Atlanta)


Loud (New York City)


Bonus: Pakalolo (Hawaii)


Top Photo Courtesy of: Tumblr