The 50 Things I Want My Son To Know

by Paul Hudson

Do you know what I don’t spend very much time thinking about? What my relationship with my kids will be like in the future. For example, how will my relationship with my son be? It’s clearly because I’m not planning to have children anytime soon, but nevertheless, it’s an interesting thing to think about. I feel that most men don’t think about the relationship with their future boy(s). I know I don’t.

Yet, I feel that not thinking about such things allows for a lot more uncertainty and confusion for when the time actually comes. A lot can be said for imagining and picturing future scenarios way before they occur. People do it all the time to stay focused and to succeed. Thinking about things thoroughly beforehand allows for easier decision-making and a higher likelihood of a successful and desired outcome.

So why don’t we do the same with our relationships? Healthy, loving relationships take time and energy, not to mention a whole lot of thought. Decisions will need to be made and those decisions will often not allow for much time – thinking about them beforehand gives you a clear advantage. However, even decisions that can be made right now usually aren’t because we don’t feel pressure to make those decisions.

We figure we will have time to make them later. And we will – but that doesn’t mean we will have enough time to make the right decisions. It all starts with the things that we will teach our son. What will you teach yours?

Here are 50 things I’ll teach mine:

1. How to ride a bike.

2. How to throw a ball.

3. How to read and write.

4. That life doesn’t only have a beginning, but also an end.

5. That women must be respected.

6. That respect is a two-way street.

7. There’s no reason to start a fight, but if a fight is started then be the one to finish it.

8. How to shave.

9. If you think a girl is beautiful then tell her she is.

10. Not everyone is well off, so be thankful for what you have.

11. Those who are well off should help those who aren’t.

12. The only real help one needs is to be helped to help oneself.

13. Our planet as a whole must be respected.

14. Life isn’t always easy, but it’s the struggles that make our lives worth living. Without lows, we wouldn’t have highs.

15. An easy life is a boring life and a boring life is a wasted life.

16. The world is meant to be explored.

17. Everything in the world is logical – when it seems otherwise, we just don’t see all the moving pieces.

18. If you never stop learning, you’ll never stop living.

19. Logic and reason are really the only tools needed in life.

20. Knowledge is power and with power comes a price. Some things it’s better not to know.

21. If you fall in love, stay in love for as long as you possibly can.

22. Don’t rush a relationship – take things slow. There’s no hurry.

23. Moving in together is a very big step. Make sure you’re ready because moving in too early can ruin a relationship.

24. If a relationship has to end, then end it. Never drag it out.

25. Sometimes we need to lie. The reason we’re lying determines whether or not it’s wrong.

26. Drugs are very much overrated.

27. So is drinking.

28. Sex is not.

29. If the sex isn’t good, then make it good. If you can’t make it good, then move on.

30. Never settle in life.

31. Intimacy is incredibly important in a relationship.

32. As is being honest with your partner – avoid lying to him or her unless completely necessary.

33. Be sure to always use your moral compass.

34. Be good to people and appreciate them.

35. Your goal in life is to find your purpose.

36. Your purpose is doing something that both benefits others and that you love doing. If no one appreciates what you do then there’s not much reason to do it.

37. Always try to win.

38. Accept failures as life lessons.

39. Never give up on your dreams.

40. You should set long-term and short-term goals for yourself.

41. You are in control of your body and your mind.

42. Meditate regularly.

43. Stay physically active and in shape.

44. Eat healthy because being healthy is the most important thing in life. Literally.

45. Use protection. Always. At the very least until you’re married.

46. Don’t have kids too young. But don’t wait too long either.

47. Love is a decision.

48. Your life is in your control.

49. Your family is always there for you and you should always be there for your family.

50. Life isn’t filled with friends, but find the right friends and your life will be wonderful.

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