The 26 Reasons Why Women Come To Life In The Spring

Hallelujah! It's officially spring! Yeah, it may still be 44 degrees outside and you still may have rocked your puffer to work, but technically, it's spring.

That means there are only good things ahead, like the 60-degree weather this Saturday. While you may have one great day rocking your in-between coat, the puffer-coat-necessary weather has not disappeared altogether.

We thrive in the 15 minutes of sun we encounter on our lunch breaks and think of all the great outfit combinations we can create with the Sam Edelman flats in the back of our closets. Why do we love spring? Well, isn't it obvious...

1. Rooftops

Whether they are the roofs of our favorite bars or our best friend's apartment, one thing is certain: We love them. I mean, the closer to the sun, the better, right?

2. You're more willing to do things

The second the weather takes a turn for the better, the more motivated you are to do practically everything. Who wants to venture out in the bitter cold for any reason whatsoever? Not me, that's for sure.

3. An excuse to get a pedicure

Girls love any excuse to spend money, especially on things they don't need. When spring comes along, it's a great excuse to finally get a pedicure.

Chances are, you were slacking in the winter since there was no need for open-toe shoes, but now that is no longer an option.

4. Iced coffee that doesn't freeze your hands

Finally! Women everywhere rejoice, as iced coffees are now socially acceptable. We no longer need to wrap our morning coffees with an abundance of napkins to fight off the cold condensation or wait until we get inside to drink them.

5. Ditching your puffer coat

It's about f*cking time we stop wearing these annoying jackets. No matter the style, they just aren't flattering. Also, bonus points for no longer needing coat check.

6. Being able to walk to your destination

Our wallets are just as happy as we are because we can finally stop splurging on cabs. Well, that is until it's 4 am and we neeed to get home.

7. A lower electricity bill

WOOOO!!!! It's about damn time we don't have to pay for heat any longer! That sh*t is f*cking expensive, and honestly, who has the money to just throw away like that? Exactly… open up your bedroom window and call it a day.

8. Wearing sunglasses without looking like an assh*le

For some reason, people look at you weirdly for wearing sunglasses in the winter, even though it's still sunny out. Finally we can mask our hangovers without being paranoid or drawing extra attention to ourselves.

9. Open-toe shoes

Our feet can breathe!!! Victory! All winter long they have be cooped up, shoved in sneakers and boots, unable to see the light of day. Well, it's finally spring and time to let our feet see the sunshine.

10. Motivation to actually go out on the weekends

Say goodbye to hibernation, as the weather is finally above 40 degrees. Now we actually want to go out and make an effort to see our friends, instead of spooning Netflix on Friday and Saturday nights.

11. Change of wardrobe

Am I the only one who feels like they've been rotating the exact same clothing for the past three months? Well, thank God we can now switch it up and actually show our style. No more burying ourselves under layers and layers of baggy sweaters and jackets.

12. Getting some color

Everyone looks better tan; it's just fact. Spring is the time we can start lying out and developing that base tan for summer.

13. Outdoor dining

Food just tastes better outside, doesn't it? There's no better feeling than sitting outside enjoying a nice meal with your friends as the sun shines down on your face.

14. Not profusely sweating every time we enter a building

Buh-bye, hot flashes! Hello, air conditioning! Goodbye to the endless layers of clothing and hello to tank tops.

15. You're happier

It's just fact that the nicer the weather, the happier you are. Finally, we can get out of our winter depression and actually get excited about going outside.

Our motivation increases ten-fold when the calendar hits April, as that is officially the end of the arctic tundra we've currently been living in.

16. It stays light out longer

Did someone say happy hour? The lighter it is outside, the more likely we are to want to actually go out and do activities. No longer do we want to rush home after work and dive into bed. Now, the only thing we want to dive into is a margarita.

17. Biking is now an option

Not like we will actually ever use a Citi-bike (or any bike), but now we know the option is actually there and feasible.

18. Scarves are an accessory, not a necessity

We can use scarves for style instead of keeping us warm in the frigid winter. They really dress up any outfit, especially if your go-to look is black on black on black.

19. Being outside in general

We can actually appreciate whatever city we're living in because we want to be outside. Winter is the time to hibernate; spring is time to embrace the outdoors.

20. Summer Fridays

They may be called Summer Fridays but everyone knows they begin in the spring. For the lucky few who get to leave work early on Fridays, this one is for you!

You don't care what time you leave on Fridays during the winter because, honestly, where the F do you have to be? Now, weekend trips are starting to pick up and we couldn't be more excited.

21. Running outside

The nicer weather actually makes us want to go outside and get some exercise. Running on a treadmill can get very, very boring, so taking it outside at least gives us a change of scenery from the calorie ticker staring us in the face.

22. Appreciating the present instead of looking forward to the future

The weather is starting to be something we actually desire rather than detest. Somehow we've survived February and made it into the spring. We actually aren't complaining any longer about the temperature. Dare we say we're starting to appreciate it?

23. Day drinking

ls there anything girls love to do more than day drink in nice weather? I hope the answer is no, or else it's time for me to reevaluate my priorities. Good weather is basically an excuse to drink at whatever time you want, so bring on the sun.

24. Smoking outside and not freezing our hands off

Whatever you want to smoke, it's better to do it outside. Now you don't have to worry about retrieving your coat from coat check to simply smoke a cigarette.

25. Planning your summer vacations

Memorial Day Weekend and July 4th are right around the corner! It's time to step up your group-chat game and start figuring out where you're going and where you're staying. These things book quickly!

26. Prematurely wearing shorts

Nothing says you're excited for the spring like wearing shorts way too early. It may be 57 degrees outside, but you know the second you're in the shade, you are going to be freezing.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It