The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Going To The University Of Tampa


Next up, the University of Tampa, home to 7,000 students who understand what it's like to have fun in the sun. Just like it should anywhere else, nice weather goes hand in hand with drinking in downtown Tampa. The funny thing about nice weather in Tampa is that it happens year round.

How can you not have fun when you attend a university filled with beautiful people and you are constantly graced by fantastic weather? With the exception of finals week, of course. Here are the 25 GIFs that perfectly describe going to the University of Tampa:

1. When you have class in Plant Hall and you park all the way in West

2. When you find out UT gives 15 meals a week when there are only 7 days

3. Welcome to the University of Tampa where students live their lives like their credit cards...with no limits

4. OMG Tony made you an omelette? No, he just tried to hook me up with a random again

5. "You trying to go to AJA, bro?"

6. Your first time at Tic Toc Tuesday

7. When you see the girls at McNiff's and realize the dress code is anything goes

8. "Oh you’re not from Jersey or Long Island, brah?"

9. Screw class, let's get drunk

10. McDinton's happy hour turns into a Friday tradition

11. Oh you play Varsity Baseball?...No one cares

12. Wait, what's a football tailgate?

13. When you find out that you got another campus parking ticket

14. When you see a girl in SDT wearing something besides yoga pants

15. If the “rager babies” are not going out tonight... then no one is going out tonight

16. Where’s Molly?

17. 3:30am = New York New York Pizza

18. When the campus goes into a state of shock after it gets chilly outside

19. We have a soccer team?

20. When you realize that there are 2 guidos for every Louis Vuitton purse on campus

21. "You guys want to head over to AEPi? I heard they are throwing down hard tonight."

22. When a foreigner tries to woo you at AJA Channelside with his bottle

23. After $1 pitcher night at The Retreat on a Tuesday

24. When you get to Cass Bar and there are no girls

25. When you get the credit card bill after a classic night at Aja