The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Going To New York University

The city that never sleeps is the stomping ground to the attendees of the highly acclaimed New York University. The workload is hectic, tuition is still on the rise, but at least you can look forward to being in the greatest city in the world. Even if your block smells like fish.

Here are the 25 GIFs that perfectly describe going to New York University.

1. You realize that half of your friends are from New Jersey and the other half are from Long Island

2. Sorority Row is a dorm hallway

3. 50% of the student body is waiting for their "big break"

4. You are friends with multiple homeless people

5. When you have no one to walk through Washington Square Park with at night

6. When the bar is filled with students from Columbia

7. You think Chelsea is uptown

8. When you contemplate ending it all during finals week

9. Your alarm clock is the garbage men outside

10. You'd rather go hungry than get takeout because that means you'd have to walk downstairs

11. When Ben Stiller lives across the street

12. You eat at Prosperity Dumplings at least twice a week...and regret it

13. The majority of your friends are aspiring actors, aspiring models or aspiring directors

14. You have a great football team…oh wait…you don't have a football team

15. The same people around Astor Place ask you to go to their comedy shows every week

16. You'd rather go to that comedy show than go to a frat party

17. There always seems to be construction, yet nothing seems to change

18. You've learned that texting and walking never ends well

19. The only reason to tailgate is for a midnight film release

20. You know every Astor Place Starbuck barista on a first name basis

21. You get judged if you walk into Stern and you're not wearing a suit

22. There's a chance that you'll get hit by a cab if you go for a jog around campus

23. When you party too much at Webster Hall

24. For every two straight guys, you know one gay guy

25. There is always a reason for a walkout