The 10 Signs You're Trying Too Hard To Relive Your Glory Days In College

by Eddie Cuffin

Going away to college is a major deal, many people use this time to make their mistakes and get themselves ready for their next stage in life. For the first time, you are actually given some responsibility and there is no one there to baby you.

Although you are on your own, you are still in a pretty safe environment that only feeds into your habits of partying and having a good time. Although you are a few years removed from college and truly a professional, your college antics are just urban legends heard faintly through frat houses and college dorms.

Being a legend in college isn't the most difficult thing to do, although it is a great accomplishment, it does nothing for you. The problem is that people try to take this lifestyle too seriously and translate it over to the real world. Here are the signs you're trying too hard to relive your college glory days:

You only tell stories about how great your college experience was.

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While you may have been a legend in college, sometimes you just need to hang it up. Although your stories make for good conversation at the bar, no one wants to constantly hear about how awesome your college experience was. What happened is in the past and it's time for you to start realizing that. There is no need to constantly repeat your "EPIC" tales as a college student.

For some reason, you can't get over the fact that the real world "sucks."

College has gotten you accustomed to a good lifestyle where everything is all laid out and planned for you. There is little to no thinking involved and you are forced to follow this system if you want to make it through. In the real world, you are in for a rude awakening as you are solely responsible for making yourself successful.

No one is going to hold your hand and many times people just can't deal with this. They followed the cookie cutter model for their lives and of course now want to complain when they have a sh*tty desk job in a cubicle.

Homecoming/ Alumni weekend is a day you actually look forward to.

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Every school has their version of a homecoming/ alumni weekend where graduates make a comeback to campus in order to enjoy themselves and to reminisce about their past experiences. Honestly nothing special goes on during this weekend, but people feel like they need to come back and attempt to relive their college life one day as an adult. It's just a bunch of washed up greek life stars trying to reclaim their old glory for a day.

Going to school concerts is still something you get excited about.

Once you're done, you're done. Concerts and school events are no longer for you. Don't be that kid that is still fascinated by who is performing at their school and when. Now that you are a professional, you actually have money to see your favorite bands when they come to your city. It's just a little creepy when you're the oldest one in the crowd trying to go as hard as the rest of the kids around you.

You tailgate for your college games.


We get it, you're a passionate fan, and when your school is on TV, you are not to be bothered. This is totally understandable, but it gets to a certain point when you need to tone it down. Unless your friends are actually playing in the game or you're going to school, there is no need for you to be tailgating before games. A little BBQ with a few beers will suffice, there's no need to go hard. This isn't freshman year anymore.

You still cycle through the same group of people you dated in college.

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Now this takes some dedication, but being able to remain loyal to one group of friends is not the easiest task. We all have our crazy stories and love triangles that occurred during our four year tenure at school. However, if your dating career post college is still influenced by people you dated in college, then you have a problem.

When you go out to a party, you use any excuse to do a keg stand or shotgun a beer.

Few people can do a keg stand longer than you or shotgun a beer faster than you. Four years of liver punishment and gallons of Natty Light later, your drinking skills are at their peak. Even after college, you're quick to find the keg and do your famous 30 second long keg stand. Come on now, maybe shotgunning a beer here or there is okay, but no more keg stands, you're grown up now.

College rivalries are fun without a doubt, but there is no need to take them to heart.

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While in school, there was nothing like game day against your rival school, passionate students cheering on their team in the hopes of a win. When you guys won, then you had an excuse to rage all night. School rivalries are important to the NCAA, but they get less important as you graduate. Don't be one of those people that takes these rivalries too seriously. At the end, it's just some good fun competition.

A person's Greek Life affiliation still makes a difference to you.

Greek life is one of the most sought after cultures in the whole college experience. Why be an independent when you can kiss ass for a little bit of friendship in order to be included in the scene? Well in the real world no one cares what your greek life affiliation is. If you're cool then you're cool, no need to judge someone based on their greek life antics. That's some loser sh*t, and it may require you to get a life.

You always talk about how you wish you can go back to school.

There will always be those people that will never let their college experiences go. We get it, you had a blast and now people are talking about you as if you were a legend. This notoriety hasn't really been able to help you in the real world, but for some reason you still cling to your college life. If you're one of those people who constantly goes around wishing that they were still in school then you are doing something wrong. Grow up and live life.