24 Things All Interns Deserve To Be Thanked For, But Never Were

by Meredith L. Brown
20th Century Fox

As a past intern, you were probably in one of the below scenarios on your first day:

1. You were the experienced intern. You had to welcome the new interns with open arms (or sometimes, not-so-open arms).

2. You were the new intern. You were the lowest of the low, and you were trying to win over not only your boss, but also the older interns.

3. You were an intern all alone in your department. You had to venture out to meet other interns during your lunch breaks.

Whatever scenario you were in, you also probably look back now and warmly remember the faces of those fellow interns.

You experience a mixture of happiness, amusement and a pang of sadness when you realize how much you miss them.

Fellow interns end up playing a pivotal part during our young careers. They are our newfound friends in the big, scary world.

They are work buddies who lend helping hands, and they are instant shoulders to cry on.

They offer laughter in the dull, daily grind of corporate environments.

It is therefore only fitting we take a moment to thank our fellow interns, who made our first few years in the working world a whole lot better:

1. Thank you for asking me how I was on the days you could clearly see I was anything but okay.

2. Thank you for inviting me to have lunch on my first few days.

3. Thank you for letting me annoy you with my constant questions.

4. Thank you for taking the much-needed coffee break with me every morning.

5. Thank you for listening to me vent about my personal life. As hard as we try to not let our personal lives affect our work, we all know there are just some days they consume us.

6. Thank you for mentoring me through sticky work situations I had never navigated before.

7. Thank you for inviting me to do things with you outside of work.

8. Thank you for being my “work mom” and helping me out when I had a throbbing headache and needed medicine, forgot my badge or needed a Tide To Go pen.

9. Thank you for giving me a reason to look forward to Mondays.

10. Thank you for making me laugh.

11. Thank you for being honest with me when I asked for advice. You were the happy medium between being overly critical and too nice.

12. Thank you for offering to help me out on those days I was drowning in work.

13. Thank you for helping me respond to those “hard to answer” emails.

14. Thank you for looking out for me.

15. Thank you for making the cube life a great one.

16. Thank you for talking me through my mistakes and reminding me we learn through those mistakes.

17. Thank you for giving me confidence boosts on the days you knew I could use them.

18. Thank you for randomly coming to my cube to chat.

19. Thank you for connecting me with people in your network who helped me to reach my future career goals.

20. Thank you for calming me down when I messed something up and irrationally concluded my career was over. You put this (actually small) mistake into perspective and brought me back to reality.

21. Thank you for sharing your snacks from your magical drawer with me.

22. Thank you for helping me through multiple nervous breakdowns.

23. Thank you for understanding the struggle of having student loans.

24. Thank you for accepting me for me.

Our fellow interns are built-in friends during the most tumultuous times of our young professional careers.

When you get to that dream job, that corner office or that glam city apartment, you'll actually miss the easy days of your intern life because you had such great people to spend them with.