The Things You Should Never Talk About

by Ally Batista

I consider myself to be an adult. Yes, I do childish things like stay out all weekend drinking and what have you but I still have the mind of an adult. I was always raised that as an adult, there are certain things you do not discuss in public.

So why is it that when I’m spending time with other adults, I hear these things constantly being discussed? I thought that everyone adhered by these rules, but apparently not. This weekend, I was in the presence of a grown man, with grown children, discussing these topics in public. Why? Why do you do this to yourself? There are certain things that no one should discuss in public.


I don’t care if you have it or you don’t, you should never talk about money. Those who have money and talk about how much money they have are assholes. No one cares how much you made on your bonus or what your annual income before taxes is. You are tacky, conceited and I promise you that not one person cares.

Those who actually have money, and do not flaunt it are the people that I love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy for those who have been blessed with generous means, but it’s just plain rude to brag about it. The down to earn rich people are those who have my respect. I recently saw a man driving a Bentley with a Costco size package of paper towels in his front seat. Homeboy is driving a Bentley and is still going grocery shopping.

If you don’t have money, you really shouldn’t talk about money. It’s very uncomfortable for someone to say “I can’t afford” whatever it is you’re talking about. It should be no one’s business what you can and can’t afford, so don’t make it everyone’s business by extending that information.



I’m very into politics. I actually pay attention to what’s going on in the world and I’m very adamant about my views. However, it would have to be a very rare occasion for you to find out what my political party was or who I’m voting for in this upcoming election.

Politics always begins arguments; even if you and the person you’re speaking with have similar views. Not everyone has the same opinion, and this goes for many different topics, but for some reason politics gets everyone all riled up. Your particular views are your particular views, no one can change that, but discussing them in public when you know that most likely everyone around you has a different opinion will result in tension, and that, is rude.


Don’t kiss and tell. That’s it, simply don’t do it. Unless you’re having a discussion with close friends who won’t mention anything to anyone, don’t talk about who you had sex with over the weekend, what positions you used and whatever else. It’s disgusting and it’s classless. Everyone has sex, we all know what it’s like, you don’t have to tell me.



For the same reasons you should not talk about politics, you should not talk about religion. People actually  begin wars and kill one another over conflicting religious views. Why would you discuss these things in public? Your religion is your religion you have every right to that, but I feel that not speaking about it is more of  a precautionary measure for yourself.

You don’t know who out there is crazy. You could be having a conversation with someone you barely know about your religious views and next thing you know they’re flipping out, causing all this drama. Trust me, it happened among mothers in my neighborhood when I was young constantly.

The number of conferences called over Holiday Pageants in elementary school was ridiculous. Everyone should just avoid the possibility of starting an argument by never speaking about it.


Seriously, don’t do it. Everyone has problems; everyone has something going on in their life. Unless you are lying on a psychiatrist’s couch, do not talk about what’s plaguing your emotions. Yes, discussing something that’s bothering you with a close friend or relative is perfectly normal and encouraged. It’s great to get all of your thoughts out and sometimes it helps, but to spew your feelings to the masses…. No.

You had a bad day, sure, that’s fine this happens all the time, but don’t go to Facebook and Twitter and tell everyone about it. Don’t be the Debbie Downer. More people will wish misfortune on you than offer their condolences if you’re constantly being an emotional train wreck in public.


Photo Credit: Getty Images