Summer In Vail Colorado

Elite Daily travels around the world to ensure that our readers are aware of the hottest spots across the globe. For some of our readers this may have been an unexpected stop, but this Elite adventure found us in Vail, Colorado to enjoy their summer offerings.

Vail is a town in Colorado best known for its snowy peaks and world class skiing in the winter. However, Vail has even more exciting adventures to offer in the summer months.

I left Manhattan unsure of what to expect from Colorado, but the Sonnenalp of Vail provided luxurious amenities and amazing service that I have come to expect from the world's premier destinations. At the hotel, I found myself spending a great deal of time between the top-notch spa amenities and the jacuzzi. However, Vail had much more to offer than I would have envisioned.


Two of the primary draws of Vail Valley are the accessible, crystal clear lakes and rivers that are prime for fishing. Casting a line into these pristine waters is an adventure in itself. Visitors can also embark upon rafting and float trips, providing a fun, exciting, leisurely activity that still allows one to engage with nature.

The proximal lakes and rivers present boating opportunities that range from a relaxed, lazy float to thrilling rides through Class V rapids. Daring anglers can try to catch the wily trout that live in the crystal clear streams and high mountain lakes. Fly fishing guides also offer great lessons in the art of casting and tips for fishing fun.

However, for our land bound readers there are also many "dry" options available including: hiking and guided trail tours, biking, llama trekking, horseback riding and four-wheeling. These options are all available in abundance in the area.

The majestic Colorado Rockies offer a beautiful landscape for hiking through its scenic mountain trails that lead to some of the most breathtaking views one can encounter in nature. One can also experience nature in more intensity through extreme biking. It's a rather adventurous spin on your average leisurely bike ride. First, you board a gondola to scale the mountain. After your ascent to the peak you are free to race down the path at extreme speeds on trails filled with intense slopes and jumps. Extreme biking is not meant for the weak, so don't blame us if you hurt yourself on this adventure.

Dining and Culture

As a New Yorker, I am a rather picky eater. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the culinary options at my disposal in Vail. My first evening in Vail was spent dining at Matsuhisa in The Solaris. The restaurant features Japanese and Peruvian fusion cuisine and is headed by renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and is the 29th offering by the chef.

Another luxurious eatery I dined at was the Vail Chop House. The Vail Chophouse is a premier location for summer dining. Offering breath-taking mountain views of the Vail Valley and delicious summer food, including prime cuts of meat and seafood, this was one of my favorite stops on the trip.

On my final day, I enjoyed a meal by Kelly Liken, out by the park were the food was catered to me. Kelly Liken offers one-of-a-kind, upscale dining through their American Cuisine offerings sourced from locally produced and cultivated products. You can rest assured that you are eating the freshest ingredients of the utmost quality because the menu varies frequently depending on the highest quality ingredients of a given season.

My trip was topped off by attending Vail International Dance Festival at Ford Amphitheater - The 2012 Vail International Dance Festival. For Opening Night in Vail, New York City Ballet MOVES presents a program featuring brilliant ballets by New York City Ballet founding choreographers George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins. This event was amazing by watching the perfected chirography to match the very talented musicians.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Vail. Even as a born and raised New Yorker I was captivated by what Vail had to offer. From fine dining to an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Vail, Colorado provided all the rest and relaxation I could have needed as a busy Manhattanite.