22 Ways Summer Makes You Feel Like You're Right Back In High School

by Ashley Fern

Summer is that time of the year we can't wait for, but when it finally comes, we can't stop complaining about it.

The planning is ridiculous, travel plans are crazed, hotel prices are astronomical, and getting all of your friends on the same page is essentially impossible.

But as much as we like to complain, we love summer because when else do most employers let their staff off early on Fridays to vacation?

We thrive in the sunshine and lose hold of all of our inhibitions.

But there is one thing about summer that sings déjà vû of our childhood, and it's not always pretty.

So how does summer force us back into our high school selves?

1. Everyone is a f*cking critic.

Everyone has a damn opinion when it comes to summer planning.

No one's destination preferences are ever aligned, and insults fly when the clothes come off, which just brings us to...

2. You're beyond self-conscious about your body.

You thought body issues stopped when you graduated high school, but nope, they resurface when the sun is shining.

You may have never been self-conscious before, but just hearing other people is enough to make you question yourself.

3. You start looking at other girls as enemies again.

The cattiness of high school rears its ugly head once again when summer begins.

You may have thought a girl was your friend, but if "Mean Girls" taught you anything, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

4. You're making terrible decisions when it comes to hooking up.

When the liquor is continuously flowing, so are your bad decisions.

What may seem like a great idea in the nighttime will turn into a regrettable decision come sunrise.

5. You blatantly ignore your drinking tolerance.

For some reason, the unspoken rule of summer is to see how much you can drink before you pass out. Is this healthy? Absolutely not.

6. You get competitive with other people.

Is Instagram just a contest for who can make their lives seem better than others?

It's the f*cking summer -- everyone's doing great sh*t, and everyone's been trying to look their best.

Instead of dishing out compliments, we're back in competition with one another.

7. No relationship you form will last longer than two weeks.

Your newfound "relationship" will only last the duration of time between your weekend getaways.

Hate to burst your bubble, but we all knew this to be true.

8. When you hook up with people, it's not just you who knows.

What is it about the summer that makes people share the most intimate details of their endeavors? Isn't this sh*t supposed to be sacred?

I guess that's what you can expect when you're sharing a house with 10-plus people.

9. Socializing is more stressful than enjoyable.

What happened to the time when summer was all about being carefree and relaxed?

Now our summers are filled with incessant planning, budgeting, plotting, scheming and traveling.

10. You revert back to being a petty gossiper.

You haven't talked sh*t in a real long time, but for some reason, the word vomit can't stop flowing.

Everyone around you has turned into a prepubescent version of themselves, so you really just can't help joining in on the "fun."

11. You go away with the same small group of people every weekend.

The scenery may change from weekend to weekend but your crew sure doesn't.

Just like in high school, we surround ourselves with the same group of people, and then complain when we aren't meeting anyone new.

12. You and your friends hook up with the same people.

"Sharing is caring" is taken to an entirely new level come the summertime.

During the other seasons, you would probably get highly offended if someone picked up your sloppy seconds, but during this time, it's just common practice.

13. You're broke.

Despite the fact that you have a full-time job, you're still strapped for cash during the summertime.

Maybe you should've budgeted better, but it appears it's a bit too late for that.

Now all of your money is spent on various trips because you know you just can't miss out.

14. You get drunk so much that you don't remember what it's like to be sober.

The summer is basically an excuse to overindulge in everything you know is bad for you. For some reason, though, you just can't stop...

15. You're still going to graduations.

Instead of high school diplomas, your friends are now receiving their masters, their law degrees and their doctorates.

When did we get so old? When did we become the people we wanted to be when we "grow up?"

16. You revert back to your high school eating habits.

You may have been exercising and dieting like crazy, but good luck trying to tell your drunk 2am self not to eat that large bag of McDonald's fries.

17. You play weird ass drinking games.

Why do we even try to play Never Have I Ever? Everyone f*cking loses. Or wins -- I guess it's all how you look at it.

18. You're drinking sh*tty alcohol.

We may only have a taste for the finer liquor, but once the summer season starts, we don't give a sh*t what we're drinking, as long as we're drinking.

19. Jealousy is free-flowing.

As adults, we're supposed to be secure in who we are as people, but once we're partying in bathing suits all day, we turn into the worst version of ourselves. As much as we try and combat this, we can't help it.

20. Your long-lost stamina is back.

For some reason, you haven't been able to drink two nights in a row for as long as you can remember, but somehow, now you can go for days and days.

You go to sleep just to wake up to do it all over again.

21. You're sharing a bed with a minimum of three other people.

Since we're all broke, we try and jam as many people under one roof as possible.

Sadly, this often results in way too many people sharing a bed -- and by sharing, we mean sleeping on top of one another.

22. You get drunk to feel less awkward.

Does anything scream high school more than this? I think not...

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