Why You Should Stop Getting Offended

by Ally Batista

With each passing year society, is supposed to advance; not only in a technological sense, but also as a whole. We’re supposed to become more aware, more tolerant and more accepting, because that's what evolving as human beings is, right? So why is it that everyday I see more and more people becoming sensitive? No one seems to realize that being 'accepting' means accepting that people, other than yourself, have different opinions, thoughts, and advantages.

Any of our daily readers have most likely read articles that have generated a swarm of negative comments. Each day, I see more and more people getting offended, but why? Clearly a reader has every right to get offended. As human beings and as citizens of a free country, we have a right to express our opinions and feelings as often as we'd like. Every time I see people letting the world know they're offended via Internet comments (and not just on Elite Daily), two questions always go through my mind:

Isn't it exhausting to get offended at everything all the time?

Earlier in the year, I read about the NYC Department of Education's quest to ban a certain list of words on standardized tests. Some of the words on the list were completely understandable. The words related to abuse and drug use shouldn't be used on any standardized test for children because they're simply unnecessary. However, some of the words on that proposed list baffled me.

Apparently 'Dinosaur' is an offensive word because it suggests evolution, 'Halloween' is an offensive word because it implies paganism and 'Birthday' is offensive because some religious groups do not celebrate birthdays. I'll give you all a second to wrap your head around those. In addition to those words, NYC's Department of Education is attempting to ban any words related to 'Expensive gifts, vacations, and prizes'. 'Homes with swimming pools' is included in that list because it would offend impoverished children.


Honestly, what the fuck? What kind of country do we live in that the word 'Birthday' is considered offensive? I'm the biggest birthday bitch you'll ever meet. I love my birthday, what would I do if I wasn't even allowed to read the word 'Birthday' on my birthday?

I mean, what else do you possibly say to replace that word? It's the day of your birth? The day you were born? How are you not allowed to talk about it? I want to meet the first person who called up a NYC school and complained about the word 'Birthday' being in a sentence on their child's homework and punch them in the teeth.

On top of that, parents who have worked hard in their careers and are able to afford a swimming pool in the backyard of their homes can't even tell people that they have a swimming pool because it's going to offend people who have not worked as hard as them. Aren't we supposed to pride ourselves in our accomplishments? It's not bragging to say 'I have a swimming pool' or 'My next door neighbor has a swimming pool.'

We all want things we can't have, so does that mean we start a huge fuss about it? Let's say I want $1,200 Louboutin boots and I'm reading the newest issue of Vogue which is featuring an article on said boots. How ridiculous would I look if I started crying hysterically over the fact that I couldn't afford these boots and wanted Conde Nast to retract all articles with the word 'Louboutin' in them?


Like honestly, how much energy does it take to get offended? I mean I would never know, because I'm not that annoying, but really. Even on a smaller scale, I get so confused as to why people get so upset. Read any article on our website written against women or against men and you're bound to receive at least 15 comments on how people are offended and we're sexist and what have you.

Why do you put energy into caring? Someone shared their opinion, most likely in a humorous tone, and you have a stick so far up your ass that you can't even see that it's supposed to be funny. I guarantee if you lighten up a bit, you'll add ten more years onto your life.

Why do you have so much time to let all of us know that you're offended?

Alright, whatever, you're offended. I'm sure that took a lot out of you, the huffing and puffing over a comment someone put on the Internet was no doubt exhausting. But now you're going to sit at a computer and vent to the world about it? You're honestly going to spend fifteen minutes out of your day to let everyone know how upset you are? What does this do for you? Does this make you feel better?

Letting everyone else know that you're offended doesn't do anything. In fact, it lets people know that you don't have a sense of humor and you don't have a life. So let me get this straight, you're proud of that? In my earnest opinion (which I'm allowed to give because I live in America, in case you were wondering) I don't really care if something I wrote upset you.

I know that whatever I say is meant to be humorous, not malicious, and I'm aware that being sensitive is the newest trend. Letting everyone know that you're offended will never stop the one who offended you from continuing to say what they say. I always wonder if the authors of these "I'm offended" rants truly believe that they're making a difference by telling everyone.


Sure, there's things that bother me. It really bothers me when someone doesn't see eye to eye with me on every topic because I'm a brat. I'll admit it. But I have better things to do than sit at my laptop and let the world know. I have a job, I have a family, I have friends, and they all like me the way I am so I really don't need to spend any amount of my time convincing an author of something that offended me to reconsider what they say.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, have a sense of humor and be more accepting. It's 2012. The world is becoming more liberal (Can I say unfortunately without pissing people off? Probably not.), we're allowed to write more, say more on television and in movies, post more wherever, why should we go back in time and get all hot and bothered about it?

Think about this the next time you are about to be offended and rant about it on the Internet: There will always be someone better off than you, there will always be people who feel a different way than you do, you will never see eye to eye with everyone, and most of us are just really funny.

Ally | Elite.

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