Ugh, It's Almost Over: The 9 Stages Of A Truly Terrible Day

Bad days: We’ve all had them; we all know how terrible they can be.

They start off like any other day, but somehow transform to the equivalence of getting mauled by a polar bear while having a bad hair day and spilling our Pumpkin Spice Lattes due to the attack.

Best part about them? They end the second our head hits the pillow. But, without them, the good days wouldn’t be half as good. In order to appreciate the sunny days, it's important to recognize the timeline of a bad one.

Here are the nine stages of a terrible day:


As with basically any process, denial is always the first step. It’s when you roll out of bed and somehow step on a Lego, even though you haven’t played with Legos in over 10 years.

It's when your hair just won’t sit the way you want it to, no matter how much brushing and hairspray is involved.

You try to pretend that since something annoying happened at the start of the day, it’ll all just have to get better from here. Then, throughout the day, things escalate to a new level.

Five Small, Yet Terrible, Things Happen All In A Row

It could be the smallest things grouped together that makes your day that much worse.

You could just be trying to print out your paper for class, but you’re already running late. There’s a paper jam in the printer; you can’t find any more staples for the stapler.

You spilled your coffee on your pants because you’re rushing around, and finally, to top it off, you find out the paper wasn’t due for another three hours.

Regardless, you were penalized for being late to class for trying to get that goddamn paper.

The Heightened Sense Of Emotions

Due to the stage above, you immediately want to either hysterically cry, hyperventilate, break everything in your path or my absolute favorite, all three.


You’re so annoyed that the world decided to kick your ass all day, you want everyone to feel your pain.

You even contemplate stealing someone else’s coffee or cutting someone off while driving, but you ultimately decide not to because you know karma would just have another field day with you tomorrow.

The Pity Party

You become so annoyed with all of your emotions that you immediately try to cut them off by feeling sorry for yourself.

You sit in your room or the library and just silently remind yourself how awesome you are and that the world is just a bitter place that got too jealous of you.

You fish for compliments from your friends, and they give them to you because they know just how bad of a day you’ve had.

You Can’t Appreciate The One Good Thing That Happens

It happens on every bad day, but it’s too insignificant to change your luck. You tend to not even realize that it happened until the next day, which makes the day after that much better.

It could be as big as your best friend hearing you’re having a bad day and bringing you your favorite coffee or candy to cheer you up.

It could be as small as someone holding the door open for you. It gives you a sliver of hope that maybe this day won’t be as bad as you may have originally thought.

The Icing On The Cake

It just wouldn’t be a bad day unless there was one more sh*tty thing so close to the finish line.

Your computer crashes, and the IT center is already closed. You find out about a huge assignment you completely ignored for the past three weeks, or your friend is having boy problems again and wants to talk. But you? You just want to continue the pity party you started earlier.

Appreciation That It’s Over

By far the best part of your day is taking off your pants and shaking the bad luck off with a leap into your bed.

The Morning After

Ah, a beautiful new day. Just opening your eyes makes it that much better than the day before. It’s a new day, and you get the opportunity to move on from all the annoying things that happened earlier.

You never know which days are going to be the best, so shouldn’t you be trying to make them all your best? As annoying as bad days are, they are a necessity that makes you appreciate the smallest rewards.