California Love: 6 Reasons Why The Golden State Is The Best State To Live In

by Reginald Dionisio

For the past four years, I've become somewhat of a traveling entrepreneur, seeking to thrive in whatever location I reside. I've seen much of the world and realized the difference between a trip, fantasy, vacation and of course, reality.

I've come home to Los Angeles and have realized how damn great of a place it is. I've been to more than half of the states in the country. I’m finished with the Midwest and Chicago. I've been to the Big Apple many times and understand why people love it, but still, I prefer LA most. Why? We literally have everything.

Here's why everyone says the West Coast is the best coast:

Diversity And People

Ultimately, people make the world go round. The people in your life influence you in many ways and also play certain roles.

In California, people tend to be "warmer" and more welcoming compared to the rest of the US. Due to the laid-back lifestyle in California, most of the people also reflect this nature.

Although it is impossible to escape all assh*les in the world, it is easy to find people of different decent, who will offer unique perspectives that may lead you to become more open-minded. Since LA is so diverse, it's a great place to learn about different cultures and ethnicities.


There's something about California: It either breeds beautiful women or attracts them to come visit… and stay. Maybe it's the year-round beautiful weather that draws them to come out and play, but either way, we're not complaining.


Unlike many other big cities (like Chicago and New York), it’s easy — nearly necessary — to have a car in Los Angeles. Having a car allows people to feel free, as they are able to drive throughout the state on the "free"-ways.

Neighboring Cities

Los Angeles offers Beverly Hills, then can lay you out in Crenshaw or Inglewood or Santa Monica or Orange Country — the choices are seemingly endless.

California spoils its residents with the Pacific Coast Highway: Newport Beach to Laguna Beach to Huntington Beach. If you decide to head two hours south, you’ll be in sunny San Diego, very close to Mexico. Six hours out east, you might find your way into a legendary Arizona party.

California offers the benefit of the nightlife capital that is Las Vegas, which is only four hours away. You can also escape the madness to a place called, "Norcal," where everyone lays back by the Bay — Oakland to San Jose to San Francisco.

California's varying landscape is a huge attraction and largely what makes it so great.


That OG. That loud. Fire. Dank as f*ck. Dispensaries. Clinics. So cheap to the point that you forget how expensive it is everywhere else (besides Washington and Colorado). You'll be blown away at how easy it is to get weed here compared to how hard it is find elsewhere — not to mention the amazing quality.

Weather And Seasons

With a couple of thunderstorms here and there, the cloudy days could drop temperatures as low as 50 on a winter day. Still, a sweater is good enough to keep you warm. California pretty much has summer year-round and it only snows in the mountains. People here know nothing about freezing temperatures because they don't need to!

California is the ideal place. There are many neighborhoods and areas in which you can choose to live -- not to mention good-looking people to look at. The weather is perfect and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want when you have the convenience of a car.

Many people dream of making a life here — just do it.

Photo via We Heart It