19 Reasons Why Weddings Are So Much More Fun Without A Date

by Elite Daily Staff

Singles at a wedding party get a bad rap. We’re perceived as outliers ("Where on earth do we put Single Suzy?”) or worse, threats to all the love and happy couples buzzing around. (“She’s here alone. Don’t dance with her.”)

Or even worse still, we’re looked down upon with pity. (“I’m so sorry you haven’t found someone special! Here’s a free cocktail to drown yourself in!”) Uh, thanks?

The last wedding I went to I was either shunned by recent brides who wanted me to stay far away from their vulnerable husbands, or I was “taken in” by couples who wanted to play "house" for an evening. The best part? All of it.

As an outgoing, single girl at a stunning, half-a-million-dollar wedding, I had a better time jamming with the band and joking with the table members than any other person or couple there.

There was no one asking me to halt my conversation and get him a drink. There was no one nagging me to leave before the after-party. I ate three slices of cake without feeling self-conscious.

There was zero awkwardness when I turned to my neighbor and remarked, “I want those flowers at my wedding.” I cried freely during the vows and it didn’t mean that I wanted to get married tomorrow. It was, in a word, awesome.

Even if you’re not seriously dating or you haven't tied the knot yet, there’s always a weird tension between couples at a wedding. You’re either avoiding the strong feelings of intimacy in the air, or mentally comparing how your nuptials stack up.

When you’re single, you have none of these concerns. You’re there to have a good time. Period.

Couples at weddings tend to be glued at each other’s hips, often sneaking away before the party is even over. Whereas singles get to really meet new friends-of-friends and dance until the lights turn on.

You’re responsible for yourself, for your own happiness and it doesn’t matter if the person next to you isn’t enjoying himself because you are.

While some couples make the wedding and love about themselves, singles are there to support the bride and groom 100 percent. They are trying to make it the bride and groom’s special day. It’s not their chance or their only opportunity to go out and have fun.

Being single at a wedding isn’t the soul-crushing doom that overdone movies like “The Wedding Date” and “27 Dresses” tend to portray. With the right attitude and self-confidence, it’s actually more preferable to attend solo than with a date. We’ll help you get there.

Here’s why being single at a wedding is way more fun than being part of a couple:

1. You can only embarrass one set of parents

When you get so drunk that you start playing the house band’s bongos and refuse to put your glass down on the dance floor, your non-existent boyfriend will thank you for not upsetting his parents.

Your parents, on the other hand, have never felt prouder more sure they want to disown you.

2. You’re reminded that you’re not stuck with one penis person the rest of your life

This is a nice thought to comfort you in bed at night, long after the wedding is over.

3. You don’t have to hope that your girlfriend doesn’t catch the flowers

The groomsmen are way better catches. And the open bar.

4. You can give a sh*tty gift and the newlyweds will just feel bad for you

When there are two of you, you’re expected to up the ante on your presents. When it’s just you, no one expects much. Lowering everyone’s expectations has always been your specialty.

5. There aren’t any awkward “when are we getting married” talks

The only future plans you’re contemplating are what to order at the bar and steak or fish?

6. You can be the person who objects

And then you’ll only ruin one person’s life instead of two. Things are really working in your favor.

7. You don’t need to get anyone drinks except yourself

Which is exactly how you got so drunk. Remember the responsibility line? Yeah, this includes alcohol.

8. You can pretend that you’re married but it’s just for one night

Who’s down for a little role play?

9. You can leave whenever you want

Like Gloria Gaynor sings it, “Go on now, go walk out the door.” You will survive (being single).

10. You can do the worm instead of doing your dance partner

Everyone always loves the token break dancer at parties. Bonus: you’ll be sure to make a sweet cameo in the wedding video.

11. All you have to do is eat

Bare minimum requirements at a wedding: wear something appropriate, don’t mess up the photos, eat. You don’t even need to dance when you’re there by yourself. You can have a party with all the different cutlery and center pieces.

12. You have prime seating at the singles table

Mutual friends want to set you up with other single people and it doesn’t involve Hinge or Tinder or awkward Facebook messages. At a wedding, solo guests might feel more alone than ever, but in reality you’re that much closer to ending the misery of being single!

13. You can actually talk to other people during the cocktail hour

Instead of standing in a corner judging all the bridal party’s outfits.

14. You can just not give a sh*t

You fade into the background more easily when there’s just one of you. If you want to hit on band members and hook up with the wait-staff and secretly finger the wedding cake before it's cut, no one will notice.

15. You don’t need to take care of anyone

There are no obligatory dance partners or slow songs that you absolutely cannot miss. You can go to the bathroom and not leave anyone behind. And best of all -- no one is comfortable enough with you to call you out for being too drunk.

16. You can go with a friend

The evening is guaranteed to not end in a fight.

17. You can wear the dress you like, not the one that he likes

You know, the borderline inappropriate gown that shows way too much cleave and a whole lotta leg? That’s the one! Be sure to talk to lots of grandparents in it.

18. Because you don’t even have to go

It’s never a WE decision.

19. You can crash another wedding all the more easily

It’s harder to slip into a random reception unnoticed when there are two of you…