#BAE: 15 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Actually The Ultimate Power Couple

by Gigi Engle

The relationship with your bestie is as much about business as it is about mutual love and respect. It’s about achieving your goals through a network of support and encouragement.

When you’re in your 20s, you’re obviously trying to build your career and further yourself on a journey to success in all aspects of life. Your best friend is your partner-in-crime, the cream to your coffee, the jelly to your donut.

She helped to edit your résumé, and she was there popping the champagne when you got your first job offer.

Being that you always have her best interest at heart and she always has yours, it’s understandable that you would only want to help each other reach your highest levels of excellence. Even more so, you want to help each other reach the utmost level of excellence as a team.

Between the two of you, your skillset is unmatched and unstoppable. Together, you’re a dream team of epic proportions, waiting to take the world by storm and overflow it with your epic fabulousness.

Who needs a man when you have the best arm candy in town? Here are 15 signs your best friend is actually the other half to your ultimate power couple.

1. You coordinate your outfits to complement one another

It’s as easy as texting, “Wear classic, mute colors because I’m going boho chic.” She understands what you mean. You two want to make a combined statement, not outshine one another.

Your outfit choices are never a competition; it’s a combined force. She has on the sleek, fitted dress; you have on the flowing caftan and together you stand apart, projecting two unique vibes that play off of each other perfectly.

Don't need me just as much as I don't need u but instead let's complement each other!!!! u know a REAL #PowerCouple — Jasmine (@jmichelle513) August 15, 2014

2. You are each other's wing(wo)man

No one knows you like your best friend, and no one knows how to play up your greatest assets with more flawless ease.

The same, of course, goes for you when she spots a hottie. The only thing you need to do is give a nod in the general direction of the evening’s potential stud muffin and she can take it from there. You both want the other to have as much fun as possible, and so you work together to make it happen.

3. You get the pep talks you truly need

Sometimes you need some tough love and that’s what your best friend is there for. She’s not going to hesitate to tell you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and fight for what you want.

When you’re feeling down, she’s there to get you pumped up again. You have goals in mind -- she knows that -- and she’s going to make damn well sure that you reach them.

4. You can basically read each other’s minds

It’s almost creepy how well you’re in tune with each other’s feelings. It’s almost as if you’re the same person. When you don’t want to be somewhere, it’s likely the same for her.

When she’s feeling down, she doesn’t have to say so; you just know. Since you’re so in touch with one another on an emotional level, it’s easy to work together to solve your individual or collective problems.

5. You know each other’s résumés by heart

You helped her edit hers, she helped you edit yours. Each of your respective résumés are polished and primped to the finest of fashion, highlighting your impressive amount of experience and special skills.

When you’re out networking, you each know each other’s professional backgrounds so thoroughly that you take zero issue selling each other as the most qualified of your respective industries.

6. You pick up on the smallest of social cues

Your bestie is talking to a total creeper and doing her best to be polite. You stand by her side and offer the appropriate comments here and there to bolster her up.

She’s clearly not having it, and a simple graze of your elbow is the only indication you need. Suddenly, you need to use the restroom or refresh your drink and away you go to the salvation of the dance floor.

7. Your careers work together

Even if you aren't in the same field, you always make sure in whatever you’re doing that the other person can reap some of the benefits.

She’s in fashion; you’re in editorial. You go to fashion shows; she gets free samples. You’re always looking out for each other and always the first thing on each other’s minds.

8. You further each other in everything you do

You never want each other to plateau and, instead, want to always propel each other forward to the next great accomplishment.

You both have big dreams -- dreams to be CEOs, directors or senior editors. You both have your futures clearly outlined and never for an instant will you forget whom you want to be standing with at the top.

I want somebody to build with!#PowerCouple — Jae (@_jaelea) August 15, 2014

9. You both have separate goals to lead you to the ultimate success

World domination, obviously.

10. Life isn’t a competition, it’s a collaboration

Everything you do is together. When you’re out getting drinks, you want your friend to get laid; when you’re out shopping, you want your bestie to look amazing.

You’re strongest when you face the world together. If you became catty and started to resent each other, the world would quickly tear you down, and you are not about to let that happen.

11. You share a Rolodex

Success is obviously based on the skills you’ve acquired, the talent you naturally possess and the drive that courses through you, but the truth is, it’s also about who you know.

When your best friend is your other half, your contacts are her contacts. If she’s looking to start down a new path to a more fulfilling future and you happen to know a person in the field she’s tracking, you give her a name and a number without a moment’s hesitation.

The more successful she is, the more successful you are.

can't be with someone who doesn't have ambition. I'm just trying to share my mentality with someone who also craves success. #powercouple — stephanie olivas (@stephfoshizzle) July 25, 2014

12. You provide unyielding support

When she needs it most, you’re there to be her rock. When she falls, you’re there to catch her. You are each other’s foundation, and nothing and no one can ever crack it.

13. Most conversations revolve around how awesome you are

Because, duh.

14. You both have champagne tastes

You two girls have a taste for the finer things in life, the glamorous and the refined. This love of beautiful things is one of the driving forces behind your ferocious ambition.

It’s a desire for the incredible, for the far-reaching aspirations that keep you going. You just can’t stop until you both have it all.

15. You love your friendship but you respect it, simultaneously, as a business relationship

You love your friend deeply and you care about her feelings, but the two of you have big dreams in mind and it’s important to keep those goals in clear sight.

You shamelessly benefit from one another and it’s your solid respect and devotion to one another that allows you to be comfortable enough to do so.

someone who thinks long term & understands that team work makes the dream work #BigDreams#PowerCouple — Evagelia Chaniotakis (@evageliaLC) July 31, 2014

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