What Your Shower Habits Say About You

by Stephanie Cillo

Many people, unfortunately, believe “showering is the highlight of the day.” It’s not all about personal hygiene, as some of us enjoy practicing hobbies, taking time to think, studying and more while showering.

There are all types of people in this world — and you might understand them a little better if you know how they shower.

The Singer

We all know someone who performs full-length concerts while in the spotlight — I mean, shower.

If a person belts out while shampooing, it probably means he or she is a typically loud, confident person. This person doesn’t care who is listening and most definitely will not accept an “it’s a no” from Simon Cowell.

The typical shower singer might also be one for excuses, arguing “the acoustics are better in the bathroom,” or “I didn’t realize how much time had passed.”

Now, that’s a bunch of bull because four songs and three failed attempts at a high note later, this person is still humming along when he or she knows you’re waiting to use the bathroom.

The Quickie

Those who shower faster than the amount of time it takes to wait on a Starbucks line are the real champions. They have lather, rinse, repeat down to a science and aren’t looking for anything special out of the wash.

These people usually possess a fast-paced, on the move, always-one-foot-out-the-door kind of personality. Also, they are low-maintenance and the favorite roommate in the house to shower after because the wait will never be long.

We all know a Quickie and are still unclear why on earth this person would rush the serenity a shower can bring.

The Multitasker

Chances are if a person can brush his or her teeth, wash his or her body, condition his or her hair and double the shower as a toilet, you’ve got quite the multitasker on your hands.

This person not only has an ample supply of energy, but is equally competitive and an overachiever. Whether it is taping notecards against the glass door to study or practicing for a Spanish oral exam, multitaskers know what to accomplish and exactly how to execute the goal.

This person also has a high chance of being a conservator, whether intentional or not, making sure not to waste time, water or money.

There are only benefits that derive from a multitasker, unless he or she forgets to clean the shower… then that’s just gross.

The Thinker

Stressful day or not, there is always a thoughtful person who seeks time in the shower to ponder life decisions. With the powerful water streaming down, the mood is very serious and the person feels isolated from the rest of the world.

This showerer works best when left alone. He or she may also uphold the reputation as the dramatic friend of the group. His or her refuge revolves around the rinse, and you can bet this person loathes thought processes or any interruptions.

The Prepper

Knock, knock. Everyone waits on this person, who spends more time out of the shower than in. For the Prepper, preparation is key in order to complete every task for an enjoyable shower.

He or she prefers taking care of grooming and who knows what else before hopping in.

For these people, spontaneity is not an option, thanks to their religious routines. You can always rely on these people to have themselves together and admire the patience they put into their appearances.

The Procrastinator

Face it: Sometimes, things are more easily said than done. Showering may not be a dream to everyone, and for the Procrastinator, it’s just another chore on a long list of to dos.

People who put off showering usually have high hopes for themselves, like holding off bath time in exchange for a run they might feel like taking later.

Roommates love procrastinators because they can hog the bathroom for as long as they want, and procrastinators will just deal with it. After all, the shower will always be there and they will use it… eventually.

It’s true that you don’t get to know a person until you’ve lived with him or her. However, you can observe shower habits for a sneak preview!