The Best Places For Introverts To Feel Comfortable Socially

by April Presnell

For many introverts, going out to a loud club or bar is horrifying. While it’s popularly accepted that introverts don’t enjoy socializing, nothing could be further from the truth.

Maybe some people just need a bit of down time to recharge between events and don’t enjoy the overstimulation of loud, crowded venues. While getting out there and trying new things is a healthy ideal to embrace, sometimes an introvert just wants to engage in an activity that’s a bit more low-key.

Check out the list below for introvert-friendly social venues:

1. Cafés

A café is the ultimate respite for an introvert. If you need to get out of the house but want to be left alone, this is the place to go. No one will bother someone who is using a laptop or reading a book at a café. Additionally, it’s a great place to meet up with one or two people to talk or play cards. Besides, it’s a great value: buy one beverage and sit all day.

2. Movie Theater

Sometimes theaters can be crowded, but even so, the environment is relaxing and independent. But still, if you get a ticket to an older film or go to the theater on a weekday, you’re likely to find solidarity. This is also the ideal activity for introverts who are socializing in a large group. Once the film begins, all that’s required is to sit back and enjoy. Plus, you’ll have a built-in discussion topic for when the film is over.

3. Bowling Alley

Yes, bowling alleys can be loud and busy. But there’s a beauty to the bustle: you rarely have to interact with anyone outside of your lane, and it’s a fairly affordable activity.

4. Restaurant

Going out to eat is one of the simplest ways to have some low-maintenance socializing. Whether it’s alone or in a group, dining out gives you the chance to try new foods and get out of the house. And there’s no set time schedule — go at your leisure.

5. Hiking

Hiking has two main benefits: it’s a peaceful activity that evokes solidarity and it forces some endorphin-releasing exercise. It’s unlikely that you would go on a hike with a huge group of people.

Hiking alone can be a great way to see nature, spend some time with your thoughts and get away from technology for a couple of hours. Bring along a friend and hike a tougher trail so that you’ll have company, but won’t have to engage in conversation. Or, choose a relaxing trail so that you and the friend have the chance to catch up.

6. Museums

Museums are both intellectual and entertaining; they’re public, but most patrons tend to keep to themselves. Take your time to explore the exhibits. Actually read the displays and absorb the information. Before you know it, a few hours will have passed.

7. Libraries

It might seem clichéd, but if you enjoy reading, a library is truly the perfect place for an introvert. It’s quiet, not often crowded and the walls are literally lined with endless entertainment. Browse sections you love, but branch out and try a new genre as well. Sit at a table in the back and read for a few hours and if you get tired, just hop on a computer for a bit. Best news of all, library entertainment is totally free!

So there you have it: a list of introvert-friendly venues. Whether you feel like going out with others or spending some time alone, these places will get you out of the house without subjecting you to the draining effect that bars and clubs provide.

Photo credit: Tumblr