5 Reasons LA Haters Are Wrong About The Glorious, Star-Studded City

by Shani Leead

People love to hate on Los Angeles. Honestly, I can see where they are coming from in some aspects. But, I also think people find it cool to hate on LA for some rather judgmental reasons.

Call me biased, but I've got some responses to these hater-plaints (aka, hater complaints) -- here they are:

"I hate LA because... the people are fake."

"They don’t actually give two poops about you, even though they pretend they do."

While this could be true of some Angelenos, like it is anywhere, it could also mean this particular hater has bad luck with people.

Anyway, be real with me, do you think every person you meet in this city — or any other, for that matter — is completely devoid of genuine characteristics? I mean, come on.

There are different kinds of people of so many different backgrounds, upbringings and personalities. And, not all of one person can be evaluated upon first impression.

Any place you go in this world will include people who lack the traits you seek. There will also be people with whom you will mesh; you simply have to find them.

"I hate LA because... the people care too much about their looks — and their looks only."

Yes, Angelenos do care about looks and probably place more value on them than many other cities. We care too much, and it’s a shame. But, it also isn’t unique to just Los Angeles.

Angelenos might be vain, but this vanity is shared by many other parts of the US and the world beyond. Show me a vanity-free metropolis and I'll show you a unicorn.

"I hate LA because... the people have a pretentious obsession with trendy diets."

One of my favorite jokes about this criticism is from a friend and comedian, Hunter Hill. He says, "I've been self-diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance, which is a terrible disease that only attacks attractive people in Los Angeles."

It is true: Many Angelenos partake in fad eating habits, whether for medical reasons, moral reasons or because it's currently "in." But, I don't see anything wrong with these dietary choices.

In fact, some health professionals will tell you, we could all use some changes in our diets to promote a healthier lifestyle and longer life.

Don't hate on alternative eaters or the smart, business savvy people who conveniently open up restaurants and markets catered to these dietary desires. That’s just how the gluten-free cookie crumbles.

"I hate LA because... it was not AT ALL what I expected."

Many first-timers to LA have over-the-top expectations for the city that has been portrayed in the movies and serves as the hub for entertainment and media.

People expect palm trees and beach babes on every street corner, important buildings with celebrities waving from the windows and the Hollywood sign constantly in the background of photos, no matter where they are.

It’s no surprise many people are sorely disappointed. Well, not every corner sparkles with a spotlight and wind machine. Not every day begets a sunset walk along the Venice Beach boardwalk.

The key factor people are missing is that Los Angeles consists of people from all walks of life. It's not like every person you see walking on the street is an actor or in the entertainment industry, so that's not fair or realistic to expect.

"I hate LA because... the traffic is sooo awful."

Yes, you are correct: LA traffic is awful. But, don't hate the city for it.

Los Angeles traffic is like the line at the grocery store: You know it'll be there; you know it'll suck; you know you'll have to stick it out if you want to provide sustenance in your home. But, you also know it'll be worth it.