8 Reasons Every Girl Would Rather Have A Smartphone Than A Boyfriend

By Gigi Engle

When it comes to relationships, none could ever be as strong as the one between a girl and her smartphone.

Sure, boyfriends are fun to cuddle with, but who really has time for all the maintenance it takes to keep a steady romance going?

As we all know too well, being without your cell phone is enough to send you reeling into a wild state of panic.

It’s the single most important possession you have.

Your smartphone is your key to the world. It holds all of your memories, your photos and all those notes containing your next great idea. It'll always have a place in your back pocket and inside of your heart.

Your smartphone will always be there for you.

It’s what connects you to your entire social network; it’s the device holding all the answers; it's your guide on every adventure. It’s even what gets you home safely at night.

A boyfriend you can do without; a smartphone, you cannot.

Here are eight completely legitimate reasons a smartphone will always be better than a boyfriend:

1. Your smartphone will never compromise your taste in music.

Your phone will never argue with you about what music to listen to. Thankfully, with T-Mobile’s free music-streaming feature, you won’t have to agree on every song. Just listen to as much music as you want, because none of it will count toward your data plan.

A boyfriend might have his own taste in bands, but your smartphone is ready to let you jam out to whatever your heart desires for as long as you want.

2. Your smartphone will never break your heart.

Or your budget! Relationships are tough. Cell phones are easy. While a boyfriend can hurt you, your phone never will. It is in this for the long haul… or at least until you get your next upgrade.

3. Your smartphone will never let you down.

Your smartphone isn’t going to get too intoxicated at your company holiday party or blow you off for a football game. It’s happy to accompany you wherever you go.

It’s the best companion there is. It’s always there to support you. Your phone never disappoints.

4. Your smartphone never plays games.

You’re totally clear about what your T-Mobile cell plan has in store for you. Just like silly boyfriends, other brands will play you and get you to pay for data you never end up using.

Forget men! You have the entire Internet to explore.

5. Your smartphone knows all the best places in town.

Your phone isn’t going to drag you to the same old chicken wing place every week and call it "fine dining." It knows the real meaning of gourmet. Not to mention, it already knows the best bars in every neighborhood and can easily tell you which great bands are playing that night.

A boyfriend would be happy just going to the same old spots, but a smartphone will quench your thirst for adventure.

6. Your relationship with your smartphone is never toxic for you.

You’ll never find yourself stuck in a toxic relationship with your cell. T-Mobile’s Contract Freedom means you won’t get stuck with any fees for switching providers. There’s nothing keeping you tied down if you want out.

A bad boyfriend can leave serious emotional scars; a smartphone leaves you totally unscathed.

7. Your smartphone is good with directions.

Why is it men never want to ask for directions? Your smartphone’s GPS guarantees you’ll make it to your destination in no time at all. It’ll even be able to predict the traffic.

If that’s not the definition of a healthy, happy relationship, I just don’t know what is.

8. Your smartphone can get broken, but it's easily replaced.

Unlike the messiness of a breakup, replacing your smartphone is as simple as a visit to the nearest T-Mobile store. With T-Mobile's Test Drive program, you can even try a new iPhone on for size before committing to the purchase. We dare you to find a man who'll offer you the same terms.

Even though you can't pay to get yourself another boyfriend, you can easily get yourself another smartphone.

Plus, we all know your smartphone is much better quality than your man, anyway.